What are "Naturalization Tests & Ceremonies" in Nevada?

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Foreigners who successfully "naturalize" become U.S. citizens.

Once an individual has begun the naturalization process in Nevada to become a United States citizen, he/she will likely take a naturalization test and eventually participate in a naturalization ceremony. Both of these events are necessary to complete the naturalization process.

In this article, our Las Vegas NV immigration attorneys answer frequently-asked-questions about the naturalization tests and ceremonies required to become a citizen in Nevada. Scroll down for more information:

  1. What is the "naturalization test" in Las Vegas, NV?
  2. What are "naturalization ceremonies" in Las Vegas, NV?
  3. What happens after the "naturalization ceremony" in Las Vegas, NV?
Becoming an American citizen requires a formal ceremony.

1) What is the "naturalization test" in Las Vegas, Nevada?

In order to become a naturalized United States citizen, a person must pass the naturalization test. During the naturalization interview, the individual will be required both to answer questions related to his/her application and background as well as to take an English and civics test. This is true for all applicants unless he/she gets a waiver.

In order to prepare for the test, the applicant should utilize the study materials available on the website. The civics portion of the exam consists of 100 questions and will primarily test on American history and government. Applicants are asked up to ten (10) questions in English, and of those, the applicant must correctly answer a minimum of six (6) questions in order to pass.

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Naturalization requires an English and civics test.

Meanwhile, the English test has three parts:

  1. reading,
  2. writing, and
  3. speaking

The USCIS officer will evaluate the applicant's English-speaking ability during the interview. The reading portion requires the applicant to accurately read one out of three sentences, and the writing portion involves the applicant writing one out of three sentences accurately.

If the applicant fails the test at the interview, he/she may retake the portions that he/she failed within 60 to 90 days of the initial interview.1

2) What are "naturalization ceremonies" in Las Vegas, Nevada?

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Immigrants must take the Oath of Allegiance to be U.S. citizens.

If the applicant passes the naturalization test, he/she will probably be eligible to complete the naturalization process and participate in a ceremony. This ceremony is necessary to become a fully naturalized citizen.

There are two different types of naturalization ceremonies:

  • A judicial ceremony: Here, the court administers the Oath of Allegiance; and
  • An administrative ceremony: In this case, the USCIS administers the Oath.
Naturalization Ceremony Process:
  1. Receiving a notice to take the Oath: Often, applicants may partake in a ceremony on the same day as the interview. Otherwise, a notice will be mailed to the applicant with the time, date, and location of the next scheduled ceremony. If the applicant cannot make this ceremony, he/she must notify his/her local USCIS office and he/she will most likely be granted another date. Note that if the applicant fails to appear more than once for a naturalization ceremony, the applicant could be denied naturalization.
  2. Checking in at the ceremony: Once the applicant arrives at the ceremony, he/she must check in with USCIS personnel with the proper paperwork. 
  3. Returning his/her Permanent Resident Card: The applicant should return his/her Card to USCIS personnel at the ceremony. Once the ceremony is done, the individual will no longer need this Card because he/she will be given a Certificate of Naturalization.
  4. Taking the Oath of Allegiance: Until the Oath has been uttered, the applicant is not deemed a U.S. citizen.
  5. Receiving a Certificate of Naturalization: After showing that there are no errors on his/her Certificate of Naturalization, the individual may exit the ceremony. 

Note that the Certificate of Naturalization is now proof that the individual is a U.S. citizen. He/she should safeguard it forever as evidence of his/her citizenship.2

Also, note that people who achieve automatic U.S. citizenship through their parents in Nevada do not need a naturalization ceremony.

3) What happens after the "naturalization ceremony" in Las Vegas, Nevada?

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Naturalized immigrants in the U.S. may vote.

Once the Ceremony is complete, the U.S. citizen is now able to do the following:

In addition, the new U.S. citizen has the right to worship as he/she wishes, to express him/herself, to have speedy trials, and to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.3

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