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ICE Detention Center in Henderson

When people are arrested in Las Vegas, ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) checks their fingerprints for immigration issues. If it appears the arrestees are non-citizens who may be subject to deportation, they are placed under an "ICE hold" at the jail while ICE in Nevada researches the matter. Depending on the case, the arrestees may then be transferred to ICE custody at the Las Vegas Immigration Jail (a.k.a. Henderson Detention Center) pending the resolution of the Las Vegas Immigration Court matter.

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People detained by ICE in Las Vegas are jailed at the Henderson Detention Center.

1. What is the street address and phone number of the Las Vegas Immigration Jail?

Las Vegas' Immigration Jail is actually located in Henderson, Nevada at the Henderson Detention Center. Also referred to as the ICE Detention Center in Las Vegas, the jail's address is:

Las Vegas Immigration Jail/

Henderson Detention Center

18 E Basic Rd.

Henderson, NV 89015

(Click here for directions to Las Vegas Immigration Jail)

The phone number for Las Vegas Immigration Jail is 702-267-5245. (Note that some non-citizens may also be incarcerated at the North Las Vegas Detention Center.)

2. How do I find someone at the Las Vegas Immigration Jail?

One way to find out if someone is incarcerated at Henderson's ICE Detention Center is to call the jail at 702-267-5245. You may also call the ICE Las Vegas Field Office at 702-388-6253, and be sure to have the detainee's name, date of birth, and country of birth.

You can also try an online search at the Henderson Detention Center inmate search page. If that does not work, you can also try the ICE Detainee Search.

3. How do I call someone at the Las Vegas Immigration Jail?

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ICE inmates may not receive phone calls in Las Vegas.

People may not make phone calls to persons in custody at the Henderson ICE Detention Center. The only exceptions are phone calls from the inmates' attorneys, parole officers, and probation officers. If you have an urgent message however, you may call 702-267-4607 and leave the detainee's full name, alien registration number, your name, your telephone number, and your message; the jail will then pass on your message to the detainee.

ICE detainees are usually allowed to make collect phone calls during the day. These collect phone calls may go to either landlines or cell phones as long as the receiver's phone service provider permits such calls. Friends and family can set up a prepaid phone account with Securus at 1-800-844-6591. The jail commissary also sells phone cards that ICE detainees may use.

4. How do I visit someone at the Las Vegas Immigration Jail?

Henderson Jail inmates are permitted only two 20-minute visits a week, with a limit of two (2) adults per visit. Minors may visit as long as they are under adult supervision. ICE Detention Center visiting hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM or 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

To schedule an appointment to visit an ICE Henderson Detention Center inmate, call (702) 267-5245. (If visitors phone the day prior to the intended visit after 9:00 PM, they will be unable to schedule a visit for the next day.) Note that the Henderson Detention Center may permit visits of longer than 20 minutes if visitors call in advance.

Las Vegas Immigration Jail visitors are required to check in at the jail 30 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment, and they have to show their picture I.D. Note that jail visitors will be checked for outstanding warrants.

The Henderson ICE Detention Center has a dress code that prohibits visitors from wearing the following:

  • tank tops
  • sleeveless clothing
  • tube tops
  • anything with spaghetti straps
  • crop tops
  • short shorts 
  • short dresses
  • miniskirts
  • flip-flops
  • hats of any kind, such as baseball caps, skull caps, and "du-rags"
  • anything with profane, sexually explicit, or derogatory language or graphics
  • untucked shirts or blouses
  • underwear that shows

All visits with Las Vegas ICE detainees take place behind glass and with a telephone. Only lawyers are entitled to "contact visits" with ICE inmates.

5. How do I send a letter to someone at Las Vegas Immigration Jail?

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ICE inmates may receive mail in Las Vegas.

People may mail letters and/or cards to detains at the Henderson ICE Jail at this address:


Henderson Detention Center

P.O. Box 95050

Henderson, NV 89009

The jail reads and inspects all inmate mail except for legal mail. Mail may include letters and up to ten (10) medium-sized photographs (no Polaroids). The jail will confiscate most other items. You are not permitted to send:

  • stamps
  • cash
  • musical cards
  • stickers or cards adorned with glue and glitter
  • items that are sexually explicit
  • items referencing the purchase or assembly of weapons
  • items or correspondence provoking someone to commit or promote violence.

Las Vegas ICE inmates may not receive books or magazines unless they come directly from the publisher.

6. How do I give money to someone at the Las Vegas Immigration Jail?

Every Henderson Detention Center inmate has a trust account that holds funds he/she may use throughout their detainment. Outsiders may deposit money on a detainee's books by bringing a money order of up to $100 to the Immigration Jail Lobby at 18 E Basic Road, Henderson, NV. The lobby is open every day from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

The money orders should be made out to "City of Henderson Commissary Account" with the name of the detainee written on the margin. The payer has to sign his/her own name on the "purchased by" line. People may also mail money orders to the following address:


Henderson Detention Center

P.O. Box 95050

Henderson, NV 89009

The Las Vegas Immigration Jail will not receive funds through Western Union Quick Collect.

Detention Center inmates may complete commissary purchase forms on Sundays, and the products will be delivered on Fridays.

How do I bail out someone from the Las Vegas Immigration Jail?

Whether an ICE detainee at the Henderson Detention Center can be bailed out depends on his/her case. People detained by ICE in Las Vegas can be bailed out only if they are able to get delivery bonds or voluntary departure bonds. It is advised you speak with an immigration attorney about if and how you can secure a bond for an ICE detainee in Las Vegas.

In order to post the bail, you can either use a bail bondsmen that offers immigration bond services, or else you can pay the money in person by money order at the ICE Field Office in Las Vegas, located down the street from the at:

Las Vegas ICE Field Office

501 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89101

You can also call them at (702) 433-7288 for more information about procedures and hours.

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