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Henderson is the second largest city in Nevada after Las Vegas. Like Las Vegas, many innocent people there are wrongly accused, arrested and jailed for such crimes as Nevada trespass, solicitation of prostitution, and battery domestic violence. Cases for shoplifting and DUI in Henderson are frequent as well. Since Lake Mead and Lake Las Vegas are located in Henderson, the courts also see several boating-under-the-influence incidents.

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The city of Henderson, Nevada, like all municipalities, has an incorporated section (which includes the downtown area) and an unincorporated section (which includes all the outlying areas). Which court in Henderson hears your case depends on where you are arrested and for which crime:

Henderson Courts and Henderson Jail

If you are arrested in the incorporated area of Henderson for a misdemeanor such as Nevada trespass or DUI in Henderson, your case will go to Henderson Municipal Court. If you are arrested there for a felony, however, Henderson Justice Court hears the case. Henderson Justice Court also handles all cases originating in the unincorporated area of Henderson. (Felony cases may be transferred to downtown Las Vegas's Clark County District Court.)

Henderson Municipal Court and Henderson Justice Court occupy the same building, located at 243 South Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015. The address for the City of Henderson Detention Center (also called Henderson Jail) is 18 E. Basic Rd. Henderson, NV 89015.

Click on the following links for general information about Henderson Municipal Court and Henderson Justice Court in Nevada.

Click on the following link for general information about the Henderson Detention Center (Henderson Jail) in Nevada.

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