"Category B Felonies" in Nevada (NRS 193.130)

Category B felonies are the second most serious class of felony crimes in Nevada. It carries a maximum sentence in Nevada State Prison of twenty (20) years.

In the majority of criminal cases, category B felonies can be plea bargained down to a lesser felony, misdemeanor, or possibly a full dismissal. If the criminal defense attorney and D.A. cannot reach a resolution out of court, the defendant may ask for a jury trial

Many category B convictions may be sealed after a five (5) or ten (10) year waiting period. And non-U.S. citizens accused of category B felonies risk getting deported unless the case gets dropped or changed to a non-deportable crime.

Below our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys answer frequently-asked-questions about category B felonies in Nevada, including definitions, penalties, and record seal time frames. Click on a topic to go to that section.

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Category B felonies in Nevada carry up to 20 years in prison. The penalty may be increased if the defendant used a firearm.

1. What are Category B felonies in Nevada?

Category B felonies in Nevada are considered the second most serious offense in the state after category A felonies.1 Typical category B crimes are:

2. What are the penalties for Category B felonies in Nevada?

Category B felonies in Nevada carry the following sentence:

Felony 20stop 20sign
  • one to twenty (1 - 20) years in prison, and
  • maybe a fine depending on the crime7

When a Nevada judge imposes a prison sentence range for a felony conviction, the minimum cannot exceed 40% of the maximum. For example, if a judge orders someone to a maximum prison term of twenty (20) years, the minimum time has to be no more than eight (8) years, which is 40% of twenty (20) years.8

3. Can I get a jury trial for a Category B felony in Nevada?

Yes, people facing category B charges in Nevada have the right to a trial by jury.9

4. Can I get a Category B felony sealed?

Category B felonies that are violent crimes have a ten (10) year record seal waiting period. Burglary of a residence also carries a ten (10) year record sealing waiting period. This waiting period begins only after the case closes. 

Otherwise, category B felonies in Nevada can be sealed five (5) years after the case is closed. But the case can never be sealed if the charge was for:

  • sex crimes,
  • crimes against children, or
  • felony DUI10

In cases where the category B charge gets dropped (so there is no conviction), the court can comply with a record seal request right away.11

5. Will I get deported for a Category B felony?

Possibly. Many category B felonies qualify as aggravated felonies and/or crimes involving moral turpitude, which are deportable. But if the charges get reduced to a non-deportable offense, alien defendants may be able to stay in the U.S. 12 Learn more at our informational page on the criminal defense of non-citizens in Nevada.

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