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Few legal matters have the potential to alter an individual's life more than a legal dispute between family members. When important familial relationships are threatened or damaged, emotions can understandably run high.  For this reason, it is imperative to hire an experienced family law attorney who will view your case calmly and critically and ensure that your rights are protected to the fullest extent.

Family law issues affect important legal rights, including:

  • A parent's right to visit their child.
  • The distribution of a couple's property after a divorce.
  • The paternity of a child.
  • Arrangements for the care and support of a child.
  • The right to visit a loved one in the hospital.
  • The ability to adopt a child.
  • A grandparent's right to visit a grandchild.

With such valuable rights at stake, it is important to obtain legal counsel for your family law matter. The experienced Nevada family law attorneys at 702-DEFENSE can assist you with a variety of legal issues.


Adopting a child in Nevada can be a challenging process. Many administrative and procedural requirements must be met in order for a successful adoption to take place. In many adoption cases, the biological parents must first have their parental rights terminated before an adoption may take place. This process for having parental rights terminated can understandably be contentious and fraught with emotion.

The attorneys at 702-DEFENSE can guide you through the adoption process and ensure that all legal requirements are followed correctly.

Child Custody

Few disputes are as contentious and emotionally draining as child custody disputes. Acknowledging that the relationship between parent and child is one of the most important familial bonds, Nevada law requires parents engaged in a custody dispute to attend mandatory mediation. If the parents fail to come to an agreement, the court then determines custody based on the best interests of the child.


Nevada law recognizes three legal grounds for divorce. In some cases, couples seeking a divorce in Nevada may be eligible to bypass many of the traditional requirements of formal divorce proceedings and dissolve their marriage by way of summary divorce proceedings. Divorce affects many important rights including the right of a parent to visit their child and the ownership of the couple's property, therefore it is important to obtain legal counsel.


For married couples seeking not only to dissolve their marriage but to retroactively invalidate the marriage as if the marriage never existed, annulment provides a path to do so. However, only certain marriages may be eligible for an annulment. Annulments and divorces are distinct concepts and the differences between the two should be fully understood before ending a marriage. To discuss which options may be available to you, contact the experienced family law attorneys at 702-DEFENSE.


In Nevada, a spouse may be required to pay for the support of the other spouse in the event of divorce. This concept, known as spousal support or alimony, seeks to remedy any disparity in the earning potential of former spouses. To determine whether a spouse will be required to provide financial support to the other spouse, the court will look toward the relative financial condition of the spouses, the length of the marriage, each spouses' contribution to the community property and other factors.

Child Support

The determination of the amount of child support a parent owes can have a significant impact upon the quality of life of both the parent and child. The amount owed in child support in Nevada is determined based upon a formula that takes into account the parents' gross monthly income and the custody arrangement between the child's parents. Additionally, Nevada law sets a maximum amount that a parent can be required to pay in child support each month.


Paternity refers to the legal relationship between father and child. Under Nevada law, there are several circumstances under which a child may be born where it will be presumed that a man is the father of the child. If none of the presumptions are applicable, a man may voluntarily acknowledge paternity or may bring suit to establish the existence of a parent-child relationship.

Prenuptial Agreements

Soon-to-be-married couples may enter into agreements before getting married. These agreements, known as pre-marital or prenuptial agreements, can define important property and legal rights in the event the couple eventually divorces. However, not all prenuptial agreements are enforceable under Nevada law. The attorneys at 702-DEFENSE can help you create a thorough and enforceable prenuptial agreement that protects your rights in the event of divorce.


Though Nevada has a reputation as being a destination for couples looking to get married quickly, there are still a significant number of legal requirements that must be satisfied in order for a marriage to be valid. Additionally, there are restrictions on the ages and genders of the people seeking to wed.

Domestic Partnerships

If a couple is unable or unwilling to get married, there are additional civil unions available that can provide the couple with many rights that married couples enjoy. Entering into a domestic partnership can provide a person with the right to visit their partner in the hospital, make medical decisions on behalf their partner, and receive a portion of their partner's property if they die without a will.

Grandparents' Rights

Too often, when a couple separates, the parents of a child fail to take into account the grandparents' interest in visiting their grandchild. Nevada law acknowledges the important relationship that can exist between grandparent and grandchild, and allows grandparents to seek visitation rights. When visitation with a grandchild has been unreasonably restricted, courts may grant visitation rights to a grandparent when it is in the best interest of the child.

Surrogacy Agreements

Surrogacy agreements are permitted in Nevada provided that certain conditions are met. In order to be valid, a surrogacy agreement must provide details about the custody arrangements between the parents. Additionally, Nevada surrogacy laws prohibit certain terms from being included in the agreement. The attorneys at 702-Defense can ensure that your surrogacy agreement is enforceable at law and that surrogacy process goes as smoothly as possible.

Separate Maintenance

Some couples opt to get divorced in all but name. Nevada's separate maintenance laws permit spouses to draw up documents to divide their assets and schedule child custody. Meanwhile, they retain the legal benefits of remaining married.


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