How do I legally change my name in Nevada?

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Often times, during or after a divorce, one or both of the parties may wish to change his or her last name. The most common situation is when a female wants to reestablish her maiden name.

What is the process of changing my name in Nevada?

The state of Nevada has statutes focused specifically on name changes. To begin with, the party must submit a Verified Petition stating the reasons for the desired legal name change. Depending on the county, the party may also be required to provide specific facts relating to the issue.

NRS 41.270 Verified Petition. Any natural person desiring to have his name changed may file a verified petition with the clerk of the district court of the district in which he resides. The petition shall be addressed to the court and shall state the applicant's present name, the name he desires to bear in the future, the reason for desiring the change and whether he has been convicted of a felony.

Following the Verified Petition, something called a “notice of publication” must be in place for three consecutive weeks. Typically, this notice is posted in a local newspaper. One reason for this notification is to alert any creditors of the potential name change.

In limited circumstances, a public notification regarding a name change may put the party's personal safety at risk. In these situations, the party must submit sufficient proof of the risk. Once proof has been submitted, the court will not require the party to comply with the provision. Further, the court will usually order the records concerning the petition to be sealed and opened only for inspection in conjunction with an order of the court for good cause shown or upon request of the party.

NRS 41.280 When Publication of Notice is Required. (1) Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, upon the filing of the petition, the applicant shall make out and procure a notice that must:  (a) State the fact of the filing of the petition, its object, the applicant's present name and the name which the applicant desires to bear in the future; and   (b) Be published in some newspaper of general circulation in the county once a week for 3 successive weeks.  (2)  If the applicant submits proof satisfactory to the court that publication of the change of name would place the applicant's personal safety at risk, the court shall not require the applicant to comply with the provisions of subsection 1 and shall order the records concerning the petition and any proceedings concerning the petition to be sealed and to be opened for inspection only upon an order of the court for good cause shown or upon the request of the applicant.

Next, an Order, in addition to the proof of publication, must be submitted to the court. At this point, the court will decide whether to grant or deny the request. In total, the time frame to change your name is about 45 days.

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