Nevada "Ecstasy/ MDMA" Possession Laws
Explained by Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers

Nevada punishes the possession or sale of ecstasy ("MDMA," "molly") with long prison terms and high fines. Furthermore, having any drug crime on your record could ruin your future job prospects.

Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers have years of experience winning in these cases. Typically we can get the charge lessened to a misdemeanor or maybe dismissed outright.

We always try first to plea bargain with the D.A. for a favorable resolution. Though if necessary we will take the matter to trial and fight for your innocence.

Continue reading to learn all about Nevada ecstasy crimes and how we will help your case.

About Ecstasy in Nevada

Ecstasy is a schedule I narcotic that's typically taken in pill form. Its colloquial names are "E" or "X" or "MDMA" or "molly."

Ecstasy Possession Laws in Las Vegas, NV (NRS 453.336)

Nevada prohibits the possession of MDMA. But note that a first offense might be dismissed with no prison or conviction. In these cases the judge may command that you take a class or do Nevada Drug Court.

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Ecstasy Possession for Sale Laws in Las Vegas, NV (NRS 453.337)

It is a criminal offense in Nevada to possess MDMA with the intent to sell it. However, D.A.s frequently lack sufficient evidence to prove this charge.

For in depth information on Las Vegas drug possession for sale law, refer to this page: Nevada crime of possession of narcotics / controlled substances with intent to sell.

Ecstasy Sale Laws in Las Vegas, NV (NRS 453.321)

Nevada makes it illegal to sell, make or give away MDMA. Take note that purchasing ecstasy is charged as either possession or trafficking.

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Ecstasy Trafficking Laws in Las Vegas, NV (NRS 453.3395)

Nevada drug trafficking laws come in only for cases where the MDMA weighs at least 4 grams. Otherwise charges for possession, possession with intent, or sale would apply.

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