40 Factors for "Early Termination of Probation" in Nevada

Nevada judges may take into account various factors when deciding whether to grant defendants early termination of probation in Nevada. Just forty of these considerations include:

  1. whether they have been compliant with probation so far;
  2. whether they have paid the victim restitution in Nevada (if applicable);
  3. their number of prior criminal convictions;
  4. their number of other pending criminal prosecutions;
  5. the number of times they have been incarcerated;
  6. if they are 23 or younger, the number of times they have been committed to a correctional facility for juveniles;
  7. the number of years that elapsed since their most recent criminal conviction;
  8. the number of times in which they have been supervised as an adult or juvenile probationer;
  9. their tendency to engage in violent crimes;
  10. the circumstances of their arrest for the present offense;
  11. the nature of the present offense and the number victims (if any);
  12. the degree of psychological, physical and financial harm caused to the victims (if any) of the present offense;
  13. whether the present offense involved controlled substances, and the nature of the conduct involved in the offense;
  14. the sophistication of the present offense, and the degree of premeditation involved in the offense;
  15. the benefits they received as a result of any plea bargain in the case;
  16. the use of any weapon in connection with the present offense;
  17. the involvement in the present offense of any other offender;
  18. the existence and nature of any motive for the present offense;
  19. their age and education;
  20. their support by immediate family;
  21. their history of employment and record of military service;
  22. their employability;
  23. their financial self-sufficiency;
  24. their community ties;
  25. their history of substance abuse (if any);
  26. the availability of rehabilitative or other programs in the community;
  27. their participation in a mental health or substance abuse program, if such a program is warranted by the nature of the case;
  28. their honesty and cooperation in dealing with probation officers;
  29. their attitude concerning the present offense;
  30. their failure to participate in any program established for them by Nevada's Probation Department, or to report to their supervising probation officer or any other person designated by the Department (if applicable);
  31. any change of employment or place of residence, or any departure from Nevada or the area of residence, that occurs without the consent of their supervising probation officer;
  32. their failure to submit each month a true and correct report in writing to their supervising probation officer in the form prescribed by the Probation Department;
  33. any use of alcoholic beverages to any extent or, as directed by the court, to the extent that they have a 0.10 percent or more by weight of alcohol in his/her blood;
  34. any unlawful purchase, use, possession, administration or sale or other transfer of any controlled substance or dangerous drug;
  35. their failure to submit to a test for the presence of any controlled substance or dangerous drug in their blood or other bodily substance, as directed by the supervising probation officer;
  36. any possession, ownership or use of a weapon;
  37. any association with any person who is of bad reputation or who has been confined to a penal institution;
  38. their failure to cooperate with the supervising probation officer, or to obtain the written consent of the officer before marrying, engaging in business, incurring debt or purchasing any real property or any automobile;
  39. their failure to conduct themselves as a good citizen or to obey any federal, state, county or municipal law or ordinance; and/or
  40. their failure to seek and maintain employment, or to participate in the program of employment established for them by the Probation Department
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