Can I get a DUI in Nevada for drunk driving on a golf cart?

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A golf cart is a "vehicle" for purposes of DUI laws in Nevada

NRS 484C.110 makes it unlawful to drive or be in actual physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated on:

  • A Nevada highway, or
  • Premises to which the public has access.

Nevada law defines “vehicle” as “every device in, upon or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway, except:

  1. A device moved by human power or used exclusively upon stationary rails; or
  2. An electric personal assistive mobility device, such as a Segway.

Nevada's definition of vehicle is broad enough to cover electric and gas-powered golf carts. So if you are driving -- or even just sitting behind the wheel of -- a golf cart while intoxicated, you could be charged with a Nevada DUI or Nevada DUID (DUI of drugs).

Nevada highways and premises to which the public has access

Golf courses are frequently located in retirement communities and other private neighborhoods. So it might seem as if NRS 484C.110 would not apply in such locations.

However, Nevada law defines "highway" as:

  • The entire width between the boundary lines of every way dedicated to a public authority when any part of the way is open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular traffic, whether or not the public authority is maintaining the way,1 or
  • Sidewalks adjacent to a highway.2

"Premises to which the public has access” are defined as:

Property in private or public ownership onto which members of the public regularly enter, are reasonably likely to enter, or are invited or permitted to enter as invitees or licensees, whether or not access to the property by some members of the public is restricted or controlled by a person or a device.3

As a result, if the public has access to the road, parking area, or golf green on which you are driving a golf cart while intoxicated, you can be arrested for DUI.

For more information, please see our article, DUI on private property in Nevada.

Defenses to Nevada DUI in a golf cart

Common defenses to Nevada golf cart DUI often include (but are not limited to):

  • You weren't the one driving the golf cart;
  • You were driving on premises to which the public did not have access;
  • The arresting officer had no probable cause to believe you were intoxicated;
  • The arresting officer failed to comply with Nevada DUI procedures;
  • Factors other than alcohol or drugs might have affected your driving (such as unfamiliarity with a golf cart); or
  • The results of your DUI breath test or DUI blood test were unreliable.

For more information on DUI defenses, please see our article, 20 Strategies for Defending a Nevada DUI.

Penalties for Nevada DUI in a golf cart

Common Nevada penalties for a first DUI offense often include one or more of the following:

  • 2 days to 6 months in jail (usually with a suspended sentence of 6 months),
  • 24 hour to 96 hours of community service,
  • Nevada DUI School (at your own expense),
  • A fine of $400 - $1,000 plus court costs,
  • Nevada Victim Impact Panel lecture, and/or
  • 185-day license suspension, though it may be possible to drive on a restricted license with an ignition interlock device.

Additional penalties may apply if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was .18% or greater or if you have a prior conviction for a DUI.

For more information, please see our article on Nevada DUI Penalties. You may also wish to visit our page on Underage DUI in Nevada.

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Legal references:

  1. NRS 484A.095.
  2. NRS 484A.240.
  3. NRS 484A.185.

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