Nevada "Drug Crimes" Laws
by Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Nevada judges take drug cases very seriously despite Las Vegas's reputation as "Sin City."

Felony drug convictions not only carry Nevada State Prison terms and high fines. Having any narcotics offense on your criminal record could keep you from gaining or keeping employment.

Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers have years of experience fighting felony drug cases. Depending on the case, we might get these charges lessened through a plea or dismissed at trial.

To learn more about a particular Nevada narcotics crime, click on the applicable link below:

Drug crimes in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Possession of controlled substances
One of the least serious drug-related felonies is possessing narcotics for personal use. A first offense can often be completely dismissed if you successfully complete Drug Court. Learn more about possession of drugs / controlled substances.
  • Possession for sale of controlled substances
Possessing narcotics with the intent to sell them potentially carries long prison terms. But depending on the case your attorney can still win a 'not guilty' verdict at trial. For information go to possession for sale of drugs / controlled substances.
  • Selling controlled substances
There are several possible defenses to drug sale allegations. Among these are police entrapment and police misconduct. Read our article on the subject: Selling drugs / controlled substances.
  • Transporting controlled substances
In some circumstances drug transportation can qualify as trafficking. Otherwise it is punished under the same law that prohibits drug sales. Refer to our article on the topic: Transporting drugs / controlled substances.
  • Trafficking of controlled substances
Trafficking drugs carries very harsh penalties. But it still may be possible for a first-time offender to escape a prison sentence. Refer to our informational articles Trafficking of drugs / controlled substances and Trafficking of schedule II drugs / controlled substances (NRS 453.3395).
  • Misdemeanor drug charge
It may be an option to have a felony drug charge reduced to a lesser offense without a trial. Read more about plea bargaining to a misdemeanor drug charge.
  • Drug paraphernalia crimes
Narcotics paraphernalia offenses can range from misdemeanors to felonies. For more go to drug paraphernalia crimes.
  • Under the influence of controlled substances
Even if you have no drugs in your possession, being "high" is a criminal offense in itself. Learn the law at under the influence of drugs / controlled substances.
  • Driving under the influence of controlled substances
It is a common misconception that DUIs involve only drunk driving. You actually face the same penalties for "drugged driving."  Learn the facts at driving under the influence of drugs / controlled substances.
  • Imitation drugs
It is illegal to possess, sell, distribute, make, or advertise imitation drugs in Nevada. Learn the law at Imitation Drug Crimes.
  • Administering drugs to aid in the commission of a felony
Giving someone a drug to enable him/herself or others to carry out a felony is a category B felony. Learn more about administering drugs to aid in the commission of a felony in Nevada (NRS 200.405).
  • Administering controlled substances to aid in the commission of a violent crime
Giving someone a controlled substance without his/her knowledge in order to carry out a crime of violence against his/her person or property is a category B felony. Learn more in about administering controlled substances to aid in the commission of a crime of violence (NRS 200.408).

Drug diversion programs in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Drug Court
Suppose you have been charged with first-time narcotics possession for personal use in Nevada. There is a chance the whole case can get dismissed if you do Drug Court. It consists of a drug education class or rehabilitation program.

Laws on specific drugs in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Cocaine
As a schedule II narcotic, cocaine-related offenses carry potentially serious penalties. But if it is your first conviction, you may be able to avoid prison. For more go to cocaine crime laws.
  • Meth
Meth offenses are prosecuted especially vigorously in Nevada. But your attorney may still be able to win a 'not guilty' verdict through trial or a plea deal. Read about it at Meth crime laws.
  • Heroin
With heroin being a schedule I drug, even a straight possession conviction may carry prison. But depending on the case it still may be plausible to get the charge dismissed. Learn more about it at heroin crime laws.
  • Ecstasy
Various defenses exist to fight narcotics charges involving ecstasy. These include illegal search warrants or you simply not knowing that the drugs were there. Read more about your options at ecstasy crime laws.
  • GHB and Rohypnol
Nevada prescribes especially harsh penalties related to GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid). But it is still possible for your lawyer to win a good resolution through trial or a plea bargain. For more information go to GHB and Rohypnol crime laws.
  • OxyContin and Vicodin
Nevada draws no distinction between penalties for illegal drugs and that of prescription drugs. For more information about sentences refer to OxyContin and Vicodin crime laws.
  • Marijuana
Punishments for pot-related offenses tend to be less severe than for other drugs. Get the facts at our articles on marijuana crime laws.
  • PCP
Punishment for PCP possession in Nevada can be harsh. But there are ways to fight the charges. To learn more about Nevada laws on PCP, see our article on PCP laws.
  • Ketamine
Ketamine is an animal anesthetic, but is frequently abused by addicts. Find out how to get treatment instead of jail time: ketamine crime laws.
  • Codeine
Codeine possession, sales and trafficking are punished in the same way as OxyContin and Vicodin. To learn how to fight charges related to codeine, please see our article on codeine crime laws.

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Criminal defense of immigrants in Nevada facing drug charges ...

If you are an immigrant, remember that drug crimes in Nevada are often deportable offenses. To learn more, go to our information page on the criminal defense of immigrants in Nevada.

Read our articles on drug crimes at Las Vegas pool parties and drug crimes at Las Vegas nightclubs. To learn about California drug crimes laws, go to our informational article on California drug crimes laws.

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