"Driving without a License" in Nevada
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Driving without a license in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a misdemeanor that carries a punishment of heavy fines and potential jail time. Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers have decades of experience in successfully resolving these cases so you avoid incarceration and keep your criminal record clean.

Legal definition of "driving without a license" in Nevada (NRS 483.230)

Nevada state law says that, "a person shall not drive any motor vehicle upon a highway in this State unless such person has a valid license as a driver . . . ." If an officer in Las Vegas believes you're in violation of this offense, you'll be cited and given a court date to go before a judge.

Nevada judges take drivers license laws very seriously, so it is important to retain legal counsel to fight the charges and to try to get them dismissed. Your attorney can usually appear in court for you in Las Vegas without you ever having to show up yourself.

Penalties & pleas (NRS 483.620)

The crime of driving with no license is a misdemeanor in Nevada. A conviction in Las Vegas carries the following punishment:

  • up to six months in jail and/or
  • a fine of up to $1,000.

It is rare, but Nevada judges may also suspend future driving privileges as part of the sentence as well. More often, the judge will agree to throw out or close these cases if the driver produces proof of a valid license and maybe pays a small fine. The Nevada DMV does not add demerit points for it.

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Age requirements (NRS 483.2521)

The Nevada DMV grants licenses to eligible residents of eighteen years of age or older. But residents as young as sixteen and seventeen may receive restricted licenses, and fifteen-and-a-half year olds may be able to drive on a learner's permit.

Residency (NRS 483.245)

Out-of-state citizens who drive in Nevada are required to carry a valid license from their home state. And anyone who moves to Nevada must obtain a Nevada drivers license within thirty (30) days or risk misdemeanor fines and/or jail time.

Undocumented aliens

Contrary to popular belief, illegal aliens may not be granted Nevada drivers licenses. So foreigners who come to Las Vegas are in a catch-22 situation because they need to drive in order to commute to work, but they risk being removed from the country if a cop ever pulls them over and discovers they are undocumented.

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Taxi cabs do not need special driver's licenses from the DMV to drive a cab...but they do need a driver's permit from the Nevada Transportation Authority. Learn more about driving cabs without a permit in Nevada in our article on driving cabs without a permit in Nevada.

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