Clark County District Attorney's Office

The Clark County District Attorney (CCDA) prosecutes crimes throughout Clark County, Nevada. As the government's legal team, the CCDA strives either to:

  • Win convictions against the defendants; and/or
  • Place eligible defendants in court-approved rehab programs

Most criminal cases settle without a trial. CCDA's prosecutors -- called deputy district attorneys -- often agree to reduce or dismiss the charges.

Below our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys explain what the CCDA is and how it works:

Clark County District Attorney badge
The CCDA's office has dozens of government lawyers called deputy district attorneys. They appear in up to 38 courtrooms a day in Clark County.

1. What crimes does the CCDA have jurisdiction over?

The CCDA has jurisdiction over: 

Therefore, the CCDA has no jurisdiction over misdemeanor cases in incorporated areas. Local city attorneys -- which are separate from the CCDA -- prosecute these misdemeanor charges:

Incorporated city in Clark County

The prosecuting body that brings misdemeanors charges

Las Vegas

Las Vegas City Attorney's Office


Henderson City Attorney's Office

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas City Attorney's Office

Boulder City

Boulder City Attorneys Office


Mesquite City Attorney's Office

And whereas the CCDA files charges in the local justice court, city attorneys file charges in the local municipal court:

Example: James is at Fremont Street downtown. There he solicits a prostitute, which is a misdemeanor. He also buys a gram of cocaine, which is a felony. A policeman witnesses this and arrests James.

Downtown Fremont Street is located in incorporated Las Vegas. Consequently, the Las Vegas City Attorney would prosecute the misdemeanor offense in Las Vegas Municipal Court. But the CCDA would prosecute the felony offense in Las Vegas Justice Court.

Therefore, one defendant can face prosecution in different courts for different charges arising out of the same incident. 

2. Can a defendant contact the deputy D.A. assigned to his case?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Prosecutors do not have defendants' best interests in mind. And they can use anything defendants say against them.

Anyone facing criminal charges is advised to hire an attorney. Criminal defense lawyers know how to negotiate with prosecutors. And they are skilled in working out charge reductions or dismissals.

3. Where is the D.A.'s office located?

The Clark County District Attorney's office in the Regional Justice Center. This is in downtown Las Vegas:

200 Lewis Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89101

(702) 671-2500

The D.A.'s criminal division also has offices located across from the courthouse at:

301 East Clark Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89101

Steve Wolfson
Clark County D.A. Steve Wolfson

4. Who is the elected D.A.?

The current Clark County District Attorney is Steven B. Wolfson, Esq. He oversees a staff of 170 county attorneys. And his office handles about 100,000 cases a year.

Steve Wolfson began his career in the Clark County D.A.'s office as a deputy district attorney. He then served as a federal prosecutor. Afterward, he practiced criminal defense in the private sector for 25 years.

Steve Wolfson was originally elected to be the D.A. in 2012. His current term expires in 2019.

5. How can I convince the D.A. to drop or reduce a charge?

Prosecutors have the burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, the best way to persuade the D.A. to reduce or drop a charge is to raise a reasonable doubt.

Criminal defense attorneys are experienced in thoroughly investigating cases. They search for every scrap of evidence favorable to the defendant. And they highlight how the state's evidence is too weak, inadequate, or unreliable to sustain a conviction.

Prosecutors are often willing to settle a case. That way, they get to avoid going to trial. But a good criminal defense attorney is often necessary to get the best plea bargain. Prosecutors are more willing to negotiate with defendants who are represented.

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Are you a crime victim or witness? Go to the CCDA's Victim-Witness Assistance Center.


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