Nevada Supreme Court in Carson City

The Nevada Supreme Court has locations in both Carson City and Las Vegas. The Carson City location is at:

201 S. Carson Street, Suite 201
Carson City, NV 89701

The Carson City location's phone number is (775) 684-1600. And its operating hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for holidays.

201 S. Carson St. also houses the Nevada Court of Appeals (the state's intermediary court).

In this article, our Las Vegas Nevada criminal defense attorneys discuss the Carson City location of Nevada's Supreme Court, including its:

Also see our information page on Nevada's Supreme Court building in Las Vegas.

Court building
The Carson City location of Nevada's highest judiciary

1. Jurisdiction of the Nevada Supreme Court

Nevada' Supreme Court is the highest court in the state. Accordingly, it presides over Nevada appeals cases from district court decisions throughout the state. (Nevada has a total of 11 judicial districts, the busiest being the Second Judicial District in Washoe County and the Eighth Judicial District in Clark County.)

Nevada highest court accepts and hears every case it receives. This is different than the United States Supreme Court, which hears only a small minority of cases appealed to it.

2. Size of the the Nevada Supreme Court

Nevada's highest court currently has seven justices, who are elected to six-year terms. The most senior justice serves as the "chief justice" for two years. If there are ever vacancies, the Nevada governor appoints a replacement.

There are seven justices in Nevada.

Only a select number of cases are heard by all seven justices at once ("en banc"). Most are decided by three-justice panels: One panel is in Carson City and the other is in Las Vegas.

3. Function of the Nevada Supreme Court

The courtroom at 201 S. Carson Street does not house trials; rather, the justices there review whether the district court judges committed any legal errors during their trials.

The parties to an appeal (the appellant and the respondent) write long documents called "briefs" arguing why the justices should or should not overturn the trial judge's decision. In some cases, the justices decide the case just by reading the briefs. In other cases, they also hold thirty-minute "oral arguments" where each side elaborates on their brief and takes questions from the justices.

After reviewing the appeal, the justices can either:

  • affirm a decision, which means the justices agree with the trial judge ruling;
  • modify a decision, which means the justices partially agree with the trial judge ruling but make some changes; or
  • reverse the decision, which means the justices overturn the trial judge ruling

If the justices decide to modify or reverse a decision, they "remand" the case down back to the trial judge to fix the issue in accordance with the justices' instructions.

4. Nevada Court of Appeals

About a third of all cases appealed to Nevada's highest court are deflected to the intermediary court, called the Nevada Court of Appeals. It is a three-judge court, and they hear cases in both the Carson City and Las Vegas locations of the state supreme court.

Nevada's seven justices hear appeals both in Carson City and Las Vegas.

The Nevada Court of Appeals usually hears "busywork" cases that are not precedent-making. Parties to a case decided in the Nevada Court of Appeals can try to appeal again up to the Nevada Supreme Court. But the justices have the discretion not to hear the appeal.

5. Other activities in the Carson City location of the Nevada Supreme Court

In addition to housing courtrooms and chambers for the justices, 201 S. Carson St. also hosts various judicial activities, including:

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