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The Nevada crime of "battery domestic violence" (BDV) is defined as intentionally inflicting unlawful physical force against a family member, spouse, dating partner, or a housemate.

Penalties for misdemeanor "battery domestic violence"

Jail for a first-time, misdemeanor "battery domestic violence" conviction in Nevada is rare as long as the accused does the following four things:

  • pay a fine of $200 to $1,000;
  • complete 48 hours to 120 hours of community service;
  • attend weekly counseling for 6 months to a year; and
  • stay out of trouble (picks up no new arrests or citations) while the BDV case is open;

But a second-time misdemeanor BDV conviction (that occurred within seven years of the first) requires 10 days in jail.

Penalties for felony "battery domestic violence"

A third-time BDV charge (that occurred within seven years of the first) becomes a felony carrying up to 5 years in Nevada State Prison. And if the incident involved strangulation, deadly weapons, or substantial bodily harm to the alleged victim, BDV is an automatic felony carrying up to 15 years in prison.

Legal Defenses

There are several ways to fight Nevada "battery domestic violence" charges. Common defenses are:

  • the accused acted in self-defense;
  • the incident was an accident; or
  • the alleged victim made up the whole abuse story and perhaps self-inflicted his/her injuries

And if the police may have conducted an illegal search, the judge can "suppress" any incriminating evidence they found. This in turn may leave the prosecutor with too weak of a case to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Knowing the Local Courts & Judges

Clark County and other Nevada courts have their own way of doing things, and we've developed relationships with judges & prosecutors over the years that you'll get to use to your advantage.ˇ

At Las Vegas Defense Group, we've won 1000s of cases in Las Vegas, Henderson & surrounding cities, with a track record of success defending domestic violence & spousal abuse charges.

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If you are facing charges for domestic violence in Las Vegas, the prosecution is already building their case against you, so don't waste ANY time. And don't say anything to police or detectives about your case, as that can be used against you in the court of law.

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