Nevada "Asset Forfeiture" Laws
Explained by Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Many people are unaware that cops may seize property that the government suspects was used in a crime. They can take this property even if they do not arrest the owner.

Example: John secretly uses Tom's computer to steal his credit card information. The police can seize the computer even though Tom owns the computer and is never taken into custody himself.

This government taking of property is called “asset forfeiture” in Nevada. Depending on the alleged crime, cops may seize everything from land, cars and houses to art, jewelry and boats. But even though asset forfeiture is legal, sometimes cops break the law themselves by either:

  • taking the wrong property,
  • taking too much property, or
  • failing to follow proper warrant and seizure procedures

If the government is seizing your belongings in Las Vegas, it is imperative you retain counsel as soon as possible. Often there is a short time limit in which you can get the property back. Call our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers at 702-DEFENSE (702-333-3673) for a free consultation.

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