Nevada Law on “Unlawful Reentry” (NRS 205.082)
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Unlawful reentry of real property in Nevada

"Unlawful reentry" is the crime of reentering real property you have previously occupied without the permission of the lawful owner. It is similar to the crime of burglary, except that unlawful reentry does not require intent to commit a crime once on the property.

Nevada's unlawful reentry of real property law is NRS 205.082. You violate NRS 205.082 when:

  1. An owner of real property has lawfully recovered possession of real property from you;1 and
  2. Without the authority of the court or permission of the owner, you reenter the property.2

Unlawful reentry is often charged along with the Nevada crime of housebreaking (NRS 205.0813) and/or the Nevada crime of “squatting” / unlawful occupancy (NRS 205.0817).

Unlawful reentry is typically charged after an owner has had you legally barred from premises in which you have been squatting. It can also be charged if you try to reenter Nevada property from which you have been lawfully evicted.

Nevada penalties for unlawful reentry

Unlawful reentry is a Nevada gross misdemeanor. Penalties for unlawful reentry can include:

  • Up to 364 days in jail, and/or
  • A fine of up to $2,000.3

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Legal references:

  1. NRS 40.412 and 40.414.
  2. NRS 205.082 (1).
  3. NRS 193.140.


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