Criminal Defense of Celebrities in Las Vegas, Nevada


Discrete criminal defense in high-profile Las Vegas cases

Even in a city as used to famous names as Las Vegas, defending celebrities presents a unique set of challenges.

In particular, juries often feel as if they know celebrities. It can be difficult at times for someone who receives a great deal of pretrial publicity to receive an impartial hearing. This is especially true when the charges are controversial ones, such as Nevada domestic violence, drug possession, disorderly conduct, or driving under the influence. Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers are skilled at weeding out potential jurors who have been tainted by the 24-hour news cycle.

But juries aren't the only ones that can find themselves star-struck. A skilled Nevada criminal defense lawyer with experience defending celebrities can help make sure that law enforcement, prosecutors and judges treat a celebrity defendant fairly.

Why Choose the Las Vegas Defense Group?

At the Las Vegas Defense Group, our caring attorneys have a great deal of experience with high-profile cases. We work closely with our clients' other business representatives and families to ensure that everyone in our clients' lives knows how to deal with the enhanced scrutiny of a criminal prosecution.

And as legal commentators ourselves -- for news outlets such as CNN, Fox and KVBC Channel 3 Las Vegas News – we don't fall prey to the temptation to generate publicity for ourselves to our client's detriment. We understand that the case isn't about us. Our sole goal is to make sure our clients receive the best legal representation possible.

From the moment of a client's arrest until the complete dismissal or discharge of a case, we fight our client's criminal charges aggressively, professionally and with an appropriate level of discretion.

Creative problem-solving for out-of-state clients

Many of our clients live in states other than Nevada. We work with the Clark County District Attorney and the Nevada District Court to look for ways to keep clients from having to remain in state whenever possible.

We also know how to work with others states' DMVs and, when necessary, the family and criminal courts where our clients reside. This allows us to help minimize the impact a Nevada criminal charge has on our clients' professional and personal relationships.

Our lawyers are also knowledgeable in United States immigration law. We understand how to work with prosecutors to help ensure that our non-U.S. clients can remain lawfully in the country and continue to work.

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We also defend celebrity clients charged with crimes in Reno and other Nevada communities.

To learn about our California celebrity criminal defense practice, visit us at the Shouse California Law Group.

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