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Maple Street Correctional Facility
Maple Street Correctional Facility - 1300 Maple Street Redwood City, CA 94063 - c/o google

Maple Street Correctional Facility, located in Redwood City, CA, is operated by the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office. Built in 2016, this detention center houses men and women detained on criminal allegations as well as those sentenced for misdemeanor and/or felony crimes. It is dedicated to “transitional services” for convicted inmates.

This 576-bed, California Bay Area facility is located about 22 miles northwest of San Jose. The address and phone number of the Maple Street Jail is:

1300 Maple Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 599-3000

The information provided below may be of interest to friends and relatives of individuals incarcerated at the Maple Street Detention Center. Our California criminal defense lawyers team address the following key topics:

1. Locate an Inmate

The San Mateo County Sheriff offers an online search application you can use to confirm booking of your friend or loved one. Simply enter the first and last name in the “Inmate Locator” to see a list of current inmates, identified by their birthdate. Inmate information includes the criminal charge(s) and category (felony or misdemeanor), bail information (if available), booking ID number, and housing location.

You can also call the jail at (650) 559-3000 to obtain detailed information about a current inmate.

2. Bail Bonding

It is likely your arrested friend or loved one will be granted a bail bonding opportunity to gain temporary release from custody. The Sheriff's “Inmate Locator” search engine provides bail amounts, and you are always free to call the jail for more information. Cash bail generally can be paid at the detention center cashier's window, or you can retain the paid services of a bail bondsman to help you post a bond.

3. Inmate Contact

During booking, all California detainees are provided opportunities to make free, local phone calls. Maple Street Correctional Facility inmates will not be able to take incoming personal calls, but have regular access to phones for outgoing calls.

In San Mateo County, inmate phone calls are facilitated through a third party vendor, IC Solutions. Friends and family can set up an account to pre-pay for personal calls at, or by calling (888) 506-8407. You can subsequently use a credit or debit card to make phone deposits by phone or online. (You can also mail in a cashier's check or money order to: IC Solutions Customer Service, 2200 Danbury Street, San Antonio, TX 78217.)

Opportunities are also offered to leave voicemail for inmates in the Redwood City Jail. (See more detailed information about San Mateo County inmate phone service and voice messages.)

It is important to note that all inmate communication will be subject to monitoring and recording. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid messages or conversations pertaining to pending criminal charges.

4. Inmate Cash Accounts

Meals and basic supplies are provided for Maple Street Detention Facility inmates, and there are a number of extras available for purchase through the jail commissary. The selection includes food/treats, hygiene products, correspondence materials, pharmaceutical items, etc.

Commissary purchases are funded by an inmate cash account, which is set up and initially funded with money confiscated during the booking process. Family and friends are subsequently able to contribute funds to inmate accounts to help pay for commissary items. You can do this in a few ways:

  • In person – There is a kiosk machine available in the public lobby of the jail.
  • Internet – You can make a deposit online at Access Corrections. (Note: there is a $100 maximum monthly limit.) Or, order a care package using the Access SecurePak Catalog. Orders, which are delivered Thursday, should be posted 7 to 10 working days in advance.
  • Phone -- Call Access Corrections at (800) 546-6283 to make deposits or order commissary items by phone.
  • Mail – Send a money order or government-issued check to the jail. Be sure to include the inmate's name and booking number.
visiting hours jail
San Mateo County inmates are eligible to receive two personal visits each week

5. Visiting Maple Street Inmates

All San Mateo County inmates are eligible to receive two personal visits each week, limited to one per day. Jail visits are generally non-contact, taking place at visitation stations using video equipment, but contact visit requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. There is a maximum of two visitors per time slot, including children.

At the Maple Street Correctional Facility, there are visitation opportunities each day except Monday and Wednesday.

  • Visits on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday take place from 8:00 to 10:45 a.m., Noon to 3:45 p.m., and 7:00 to 9:45 p.m.
  • On Saturday, there are afternoon/evening hours only: Noon to 3:45 p.m. and 7:00 to 9:45 p.m.

As seen on this schedule, visits begin at the top of the hour and are 45 minutes in duration. You must register ahead of time for visitation appointments either online or using the kiosk in the jail lobby. (Expect a delay of up to 48 hours before your first visit can be scheduled; then, visits must be scheduled 24 hours ahead of time.) For help with visitation scheduling, call (855) 208-7349 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Note that sign-ins begin an hour before your visitation appointment, and you are expected to sign in no later than 45 minutes before the start time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your visit will be cancelled.

There are many other visiting rules for the Maple Street Jail, as follows:

  • Valid, government-issued photo identification will be required.
  • Children must be in the company of an adult, must be supervised at all times, and cannot be left unattended anywhere on the premises. (Volunteer childcare assistance may be available in the “Family Waiting Room” at designated times, which are subject to change.)
  • Do not bring cell phones, electronic devices, food, beverages or gum into the lobby or visitation area of the jail.
  • Visitors must remain in the booth during the appointment, and if you leave, your visit is automatically cancelled.
  • If unauthorized visitors are brought into the visiting room, this will cancel your visit and potentially end future privileges.
  • Visitors arriving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied entry (and risk arrest).
  • Damage to jail property subjects the perpetrator to prosecution.
  • Behavior considered disruptive, disrespectful or abusive will lead to cancellation and denied visitation privileges.

There is also a dress code in force at this detention facility. Clothing the staff determines unacceptable will interfere with your visitation appointment. The following types of attire are not appropriate:

  • Shorts, dresses, and skirt hems shorter than fingertip level (with arms resting at the sides)
  • Revealing or provocative clothing, i.e. low cut or showing a bare midriff
  • Gang displays or insignias
  • Hats, bandanas, hoods, beanies, hairnets
  • Steel-toed boots, stiletto heels, or any shoes that will set off a metal detector

Like phone calls, jail visits are subject to monitoring and recording, so it is best to avoid discussing the criminal case.

6. Mail Policies

Friends and relatives are free to write letters to a Maple Street Jail inmate, and he or she will be able to send replies through outgoing mail. Correspondence materials and postage are available for inmate purchase through commissary.

All incoming mail should include your name and return address. The envelope should be plain and without added decoration or return address sticker labels. Cardboard “priority” envelopes are not accepted.

Address mail as shown:

Last name, first name, ID#
c/o Maple Street Correctional Facility
1300 Maple Street
Redwood City, CA 94063

All personal, incoming mail will be opened and inspected by jail staff. Enclosures that violate rules for inmate mail will be destroyed or the letter returned to sender. The following is a partial list of items that are considered contraband for San Mateo County inmates:

  • Polaroid photographs
  • Pornography or depictions of sex acts or nudity
  • Stickers, labels -- any type of adhesive material
  • Paperclips, metal fasteners
  • Any material that promotes gang activity, violence, or racism, or that poses a threat to the security of the jail

You are allowed to order new, softcover books, magazines and periodicals as long as they are delivered directly from a publisher or bookstore. The content of these items must conform to the above rules. No information in code is allowed and no material about weapons, escape methods or the manufacture of drugs or alcohol.

7. Life at the Maple Street Detention Center

Many inmates at this facility are transferred in from the Maguire Correctional Facility, the main San Mateo County jail. The Maple Street County Jail is considered to be minimum-security and emphasizes “transitional” services for residents. Most of the glass-walled cells are “multiple-occupancy,” each accommodating eight inmates, and there is a roof-top recreation yard.

All inmates will have access to medical and necessary dental care, as well as mental health and substance abuse treatment. Correctional Health Care services are provided by San Mateo County Health, and 24-hour emergency treatment is available.

All Maple Street inmates who are not participating in a Work Furlough program will be expected to work at the facility in some capacity. Options include working in the kitchen, the laundry area, or performing clean up in and around the County's correctional facilities.

Vocational programs at this jail include culinary training, construction, and dog training. There are also a number of other educational and rehabilitative programs offered to assist inmates with conflict resolution, domestic violence, parenting, relapse prevention, and more. The Service League of San Mateo County (650-364-4664) offers assistance for families of inmates.

The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office states compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), asserting a zero tolerance policy for sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexual abuse of inmates. The Sheriff's office has procedures in place for prevention, intervention, and treatment of victims.

8. Custody Alternatives

Custody alternative programs are facilitated by the San Mateo County Sheriff's office. Low-risk offenders may be approved to participate in one of the following opportunities:

  • The “Sheriff's Work Program,” allowing sentenced inmates to substitute incarceration for manual labor assignments;
  • Electronic Monitoring Program, which allows selected inmates to serve their sentence under electronic surveillance at home;
  • Work Furlough, through which inmates can continue their existing employment (or educational) commitments.

There are fees assessed for participants in these program. For more information, call (650) 599-3030.

9. Talk to a Criminal Lawyer

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