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Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility:

The Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility (LPF) is a criminal detention center (jail) located in the city of Bakersfield, CA. Under the jurisdiction of the Kern County Sheriff's Department, this 1,232-bed facility holds male and female, adult detainees arrested under suspicion of a California misdemeanor and/or felony crime.

The Lerdo-Pretrial Detention Center is the largest of six correctional facilities in Kern County, including the Central Receiving Facility, Lerdo Justice Facility and Lerdo Maximum/Medium Security Facility. Individuals arrested in the Bakersfield area will go through Central Receiving first, and may be transferred to the Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility after their initial court hearing. The LPF is also contracted to provide housing for inmates transferred in from State and Federal agencies.

The Lerdo Pre-Trial Jail is located about 12 miles northwest of downtown Bakersfield. The address and phone number are:

Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility
17695 Industrial Farm Rd.
Bakersfield, CA 93308
(661) 391-7900

The main number for the Kern County Sheriff's Office (661) 391-7500

Below, our team of California criminal defense lawyers provide more details about this Lerdo Jail. Addressing the following topics, we provide important information of interest to family and friends of incarcerated individuals:

1. Locating a Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility Inmate

If you believe your friend or loved one may be in custody in the Bakersfield area, you can search online at the Kern County Sheriff's “Inmate Search” page. Plugging a name into the “Display In-Custody Inmate” search engine brings up a list of potential inmates. Information provided includes the birthdate, arrest date and time, booking number, court hearing information, and bail amount, if any.

You can also call the Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility jail at (661) 391-7900 to obtain inmate information. For specific inquiries about non-County inmates, the following phone numbers are provided:

U.S. Marshall Eastern (Fresno) inmates – (559) 487-5600.

U.S. Marshall Central (Los Angeles) inmates – (213) 894-2485.

Board of Prison inmates – (916) 930-2010.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) inmates – (661) 328-4500.

2. Bail Bonding

If bail has been granted, a family member or friend can arrange payment either at the jail or through the use of a licensed bail bonding agency. Once bail is paid, the release process can take up to eight hours.

3. Phone Contact with Lerdo Jail Inmates

Under California law, all incoming criminal detainees must be allowed three, free (local) phone calls, which can be used to reach personal contacts or a criminal lawyer. Friends and family members cannot speak directly to a Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility inmate by calling in to the jail, and the correctional staff will not pass along messages for inmates. (In an emergency situation, contact the facility chaplin at (661) 391-7881.)

Lerdo Pre-Trial Detention Center inmates can make outgoing calls using phones in the communal areas of housing units. All calls will be by collect payment, or family and friends can provide pre-paid funding for phone calls. To set up an account, go online to securustech.net or call (800) 844-6591. (For Spanish, call (866) 561-6718). You can also send an email to [email protected].

It is important to keep in mind that all inmate conversations are subject to monitoring and recording. For this reason, your best practice is to avoid speaking about pending criminal charges over the phone.

4. Inmate Trust Accounts

California inmates are assigned trust accounts which hold confiscated money as well as funds that may be provided by friends/family. These funds can go to pay for commissary items, medical co-pays and other incidentals. Commissary comfort products include snacks/treats, toiletries, stationary materials and limited entertainment options.

The Kern County Pre-Trial Facility does not accept funds for inmate cash accounts at the lobby window and does not accept money sent in to the facility by mail. There are a number of ways to deposit funds into a Lerdo Pre-Trial inmate's account:

  • Lobby Kiosk – Touchpay cash kiosk machines are available for public use in three locations: The Central Receiving Facility (1415 Truxtun Ave.), the Lerdo Max/Med Facility (17645 Industrial Farm Road), and Bank of America at 1450 Truxtun Ave. At the jails, the kiosk is available every day, at all hours.
  • Telephone – Call (866) 232-1899 to make a TouchPay deposit by phone. The “facility number” for the Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility is 293301.
  • Online – You can pay online with credit or debit cards at touchpay.com (also using the facility number 293301). Fees are assessed according to the transaction amount.
  • Mail – Send funds by money order to the following address: TouchPay P.O. Box 660587 Dallas, TX 75266-0587.

Note: Inmates can access cash deposits in their accounts within 24 hours, and credit/debit card deposits are available within 24-72 hours.

lerdo visiting hours
Inmate visitation is available Tuesday through Sunday, with inmates permitted a maximum of two 30-minute visits each week.

5. Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility Visitation

LPF Inmate visitation is available Tuesday through Sunday, with inmates permitted a maximum of two 30-minute visits each week. (Note: There is no visitation on Mondays.) Visiting hours each day are 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Visitation days are designated according to the first letter of the inmate's last name:

A through F: Tuesday and Friday
G through M: Wednesday and Saturday
N through Z: Thursday and Sunday

Note that all visitors entering the Lerdo Complex must show a valid driver's license, vehicle registration and automobile insurance card.

Other rules for visitation include:

  • All adult visitors must present current, government-issued identification.
  • Visitors younger than 18 must be in the company of a parent or legal guardian.
  • Children should be closely supervised and should not be permitted to stand or jump on benches. Unruly children may cause your visit to be terminated.
  • A maximum of four people may visit an inmate at one time, including no more than two adults.
  • Personal items, with the exception of ID and keys, should be left at home or locked in your car. This includes purses, food/beverages, etc. There is no storage onsite for personal items. (If you have a baby accompanying you, you may also bring in a diaper, bottle, and a plain blanket, one of each.)
  • If you have been confined in prison in the past, you must obtain written visitation pre-approval, which can be obtained with this form.

There is a dress code for Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility visitors, applying equally to adults and children. Clothing should not be sheer, too short or otherwise revealing or provocative. Prohibited clothing includes:

  • Spaghetti strap tops
  • Halter tops
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses that fall 3” (or more) above the knee
  • Items exposing undergarments or cleavage
  • Garments displaying personal pictures

6. Mail Policies

“Guests” of the Lerdo Jail can send and receive an unlimited amount of postal correspondence. Writing materials and stamped envelopes are available for inmate purchase through the commissary. All incoming mail envelopes must be plain and unadorned, and should include the inmate's booking number. (The booking number can be obtained on the online “Inmate Search” page or by phone.)

The mailing address is:

Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility
17695 Industrial Farm Rd.
Bakersfield, CA 93308

Mail to inmates should not contain sexually explicit material, and the following additions are not accepted:

  • Stickers, tape
  • Photos or photocopies
  • Blank paper, greeting cards, return address labels or stamps
  • Musical greeting cards
  • Money, checks or money orders
  • Lipstick, hair, perfume or any other similar enhancements

You can order appropriate periodicals and soft-cover books for inmates, but they must arrive directly from a publisher or vendor, such as: Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Shipments are limited to two items.

prisoner behind bars
There are many programs offered to inmates, including educational and vocational options.

7. Life and Health in Detention

All incoming criminal defendants are initially assessed to determine appropriate housing classification. Kern County inmates are classified and housed according to their criminal history, gang affiliation, current charges, and other factors, with the goal of promoting safety and security in the jails.

The Lerdo Pre-Trial Detention Center includes on site medical staff who are on duty 24-hours a day, as well as psychiatric practitioners present during daytime hours. Substance abuse treatment is provided by Kern County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS).

There are many programs offered to inmates, including educational and vocational options. Partner organizations include Garden Pathways and Bakersfield Adult School. Offerings include general education diploma (GED) study, anger management, parenting, domestic violence, and life skills classes.

Kern County corrections takes steps to comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003, as detailed on the Sheriff's website. There is a “zero tolerance policy,” and all reports of sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment or sexual misconduct by inmates or staff will be investigated.

8. Alternative Custody

In Bakersfield, custody alternatives include an electronic monitoring program as well as a work release program. Inmates under electronic monitoring wear an ankle device with GPS tracking (or alcohol screening) technology. Mandatory classes and compliance with many other stipulations is necessary.

Kern County work release participants are placed at multiple area job sites, where they perform manual labor as an alternative to incarceration. The work release office is at 1415 Truxtun Ave. Suite 100, in Bakersfield. Phone: (661) 868-5501.

9. Inmate Property

Lerdo Pre-Trial Jail inmates will have their personal property stored onsite while they are in custody. If desired, they can sign a release form to allow a friend or family member to pick up property from the jail. Note: clothing will not be released.

Property releases are processed every day except Monday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Be aware, the process can take from 30 minutes to 3 hours, and you must remain onsite during the entire waiting period.

Clothing for a scheduled jury trial can be dropped off at the facility. There is a limit of two sets of court clothing per inmate.

10. Seek Help From a Criminal Lawyer

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