California Parole Hearings Lawyer David Ramirez

If you or a loved one are coming up on a parole hearing, there is no need to go it alone.

California Criminal Defense Lawyer David Ramirez specializes in both revocation and "lifer" parole suitability hearings before the Board of Parole Hearings. He also represents clients in "mentally disordered offender" and "sexually violent predator" hearings.

Ramirez has handled approximately 1,500 parole hearings.

When he is not reviewing files and preparing briefs on parole matters, Ramirez helps inmates with prison administrative appeals and disciplinary proceedings. He has been a prisoner advocate since his days at Pacific McGeorge School of Law, where he assisted Folsom State Prison inmates as part of the Institute of Administrative Justice, California Parole Advocacy Program.

Ramirez is versed in the gamut of parole and prison law issues, including good time calculation, sentencing law, eligibility and suitability requirements, "115" discipline reports, "602" appeals, parole rescission, modification and extension, probable cause, and due process. Given the political nature of parole decisions, Ramirez keeps his finger on the pulse of Sacramento.

One aspect of Ramirez's practice is representing "lifers" in parole suitability hearings. In these high-stakes proceedings, Ramirez helps inmates who have been down upwards of 30 years demonstrate their fitness to re-enter society. These hearings are so important because if an inmate gets denied, he or she might not get another opportunity for 15 years.

Ramirez has helped over 20 lifers get a second chance at freedom.

Ramirez also defends parolees in probable cause and California parole revocation hearings. As part of that process, he advocates for client access to the kinds of treatment and rehabilitative programs that can make all the difference in transitioning back into society.

Ramirez handles cases throughout the state. He travels to prisons as far north as Pelican Bay State Prison in Crescent City and as far south as R.J. Donavan State Prison in San Diego.

A soccer fan and avid racquetball player, Ramirez is the proud father of four children.

Whether you face additional prison time on an alleged parole violation, or you want a deserving family member or friend to have the very best shot at another chance on the outside, David Ramirez is the attorney for the job.

You can find out more about parole hearings in our article Explanation of California Parole Law as well as our pages on mentally disordered offender hearings and sexually violent predator hearings.

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