Kern County Crossroads Juvenile Hall Info

Located in Bakersfield, CA, Crossroads Juvenile Hall is a high-security juvenile correctional facility run by the Kern County Probation Department. The Larry J. Rhoades Kern Crossroads Facility, as it is formally known, holds male juvenile offenders who have been accused or convicted of a serious California felony offense or multiple offenses.

This Bakersfield Juvenile Detention Center holds a maximum population of 120, and most residents have been committed for a period of one year. Opened in 2004, it provides programming aimed toward encouraging a “delinquency-free lifestyle.” This is one of a few juvenile correctional facilities operating in Kern County, which also runs the Kern County Juvenile Hall and “Camp Erwin.”

The Crossroads Juvenile Hall is about 12 miles north of the city of Bakersfield off CA-65. The address and phone number is:

17824 Quality Road
Bakersfield, CA 93308
(661) 391-2200

Family members of teens currently incarcerated at Crossroads may benefit from the following information pertaining to this detention center. Below, our team of California juvenile criminal defense lawyers address the following topics:

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1. Booking and Court Proceedings

If your child is arrested in Kern County, an initial assessment and mental health screening will be performed by a probation correctional officer. A Parent/guardian should receive an intake phone call and can speak briefly with their love one.

Within two or three days (excluding weekends and holidays) there will be a juvenile detention hearing at the Kern County Superior Court. A juvenile court judge will make an initial decision regarding detention/release. Detained minors can expect to have an adjudication hearing (similar to a “trial”) within 15 business days.

If the judge sustains allegations of a serious juvenile crime, the outcome could mean a sentence at Crossroads Juvenile Correctional Facility, transfer to the California Department of Juvenile Justice, or in rare cases, transfer to adult court.

2. Phone and Mail Contact

Residents of the Larry J. Rhoades Kern Crossroads Facility cannot take incoming personal phone calls. They are allowed to call home during designated times, which will usually be evening hours. Rather than allowing for typical collect calls, Kern County instructs families to use Global, which provides for purchase of prepaid phone cards for inmates. (Call (866) 230-7761 for assistance with this application.)

You can send mail to Crossroads addressed to your son, but packages will not be accepted. The facility provides materials to allow residents to send out personal letters in return. All mail will be inspected, but not necessarily read.

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3. Visiting Crossroads Juvenile Hall

Visiting hours for residents of Crossroads Detention Facility occur on Sundays only, as follows:

Housing wings A, B, and C --- 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Wings D, E, and F --- 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Visits with parents/guardians are two hours long, with a maximum of two people allowed per visitation session. Visits involving children and infants are made with probation officer approval only. These visits take place Sunday from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.

Other types of visitation at the Bakersfield Crossroads Juvenile Hall include a “Ward Picnic” that is scheduled every eight weeks. Picnics, which take place Sundays from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., can include grandparents. Juveniles become eligible for this perk after completing eight weeks at the Kern Crossroads Facility.

There are also “Parent Sessions” held each Sunday to address concerns and provide information. These take place as follows:

Wings A, B, and C --- 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

Wings D, E, and F --- 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

Rules for visitors at this facility include:

  • Bring valid government-issued photo identification for visitation.
  • Personal property, including purses, bags, and cell phones, should be left at home or locked in the car.
  • No food or beverages may come in to the facility.

There is a strictly enforced dress code, and inappropriate clothing will lead to denied visitation. These items are not allowed:

  • “Gang related” attire, such as red or blue shirts, and any clothes or accessories with gang insignias/graphics
  • Attire (or tattoos) that display obscene or offensive wording or pictures
  • Garments that expose body parts or undergarments, such as unbuttoned or low cut tops, tank tops, spaghetti-straps, mini-skirts, etc.
  • Hats (unless preapproved) or sharp-pointed body piercings.

4. Life and Health in Detention

The Kern County Crossroads Juvenile Hall has a complete medical and mental health unit onsite, and residents will be transported to a hospital, if necessary. The facility accommodates special dietary requirements.

Crossroads Facility has three split-level housing areas, each with 40 beds. The juveniles are housed according to their classification, needs assessment and case plan. After serving a six month sentence, some residents will be transferred to a Kern County Furlough Treatment and Rehabilitation program.

Programming for Crossroads youth includes educational classes provided by Kern County Schools and recreational activities that are designed to be physically and mentally challenging. A military-style program is used to achieve behavior modification, with opportunities to earn increased rank and privileges. Vocational training is also offered, and community service work is expected.

5. Criminal Defense Help

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