If You or a Loved One Has Been Charged with
a Juvenile Crime in Los Angeles, You Need an
Aggressive Juvenile Defense Attorney On Your Side.

Few things are scarier for a child or parent than going to court. It's full of strange words and procedures. Looming behind it all is the ever-present question of whether the minor will be able to go home or will be placed in custody.

That's why it's critical to have a skilled criminal defense attorney at your child's side. And not just any attorney will do, because the juvenile criminal law system differs in significant ways from the corresponding adult system, so it's essential that you retain a defense lawyer versed specifically in juvenile law.

An effective defense can mean all the difference...in terms of whether a petition will be filed against your child in the first place, whether your child can go home with you, whether he/she will have to spend time in juvenile hall - and in the worst of cases - whether he/she will need to serve time in state prison as an "adult" offender.

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Knowing the Local Courts & Judges

Every courthouse in Southern California has its own way of doing things, and we've developed relationships with judges & prosecutors that you'll get to use to your advantage. Our winning team of criminal defense lawyers includes former prosecutors and police officers, so we know firsthand how cops and district attorneys put together criminal cases against you.

At Shouse Law Firm, we've won 1000s of cases in Los Angeles and surrounding cities, with a track record of success in the Juvenile courts.

"All the good reviews online were right, best decision I have ever made. Hiring these guys saved my life." - J.B. Torrance

If you are your loved ones are facing juvenile criminal charges in Los Angeles, the prosecution is already building their case, so don't waste ANY time. (And don't say anything to police or detectives about your case, as that can be used against you in the court of law.)

Get Juvenile Criminal Charges Reduced or Dropped.
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