The San Jose Juvenile Hall
(Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall)

(A resource guide for anyone whose children are detained at the San Jose Juvenile Hall)

The San Jose Juvenile Hall is among three minimum security facilities under the command of the Santa Clara Probation Department.1

The facility is located at:

840 Guadalupe Parkway

San Jose, CA 95110 in Santa Clara County

Below our San Jose CA criminal defense lawyers will explain the following:

1. Intake procedure at the San Jose Juvenile Hall
2. How to contact a child
3. Visiting procedures and hours at the San Jose Juvenile Hall
4. Rules and regulations on mail correspondence

1. Intake procedure at the San Jose Juvenile Hall

When a child is taken into custody at the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall, each minor is provided with the proper care and security needed while detained at the facility. That being said, all minors are given necessary supplies to maintain their hygiene. These items include clothing, shoes, toiletries, and other items that satisfy basic needs.

All personal care items are provided to each minor on a consistent basis or are replenished whenever necessary. None of the items provided to the minors are recycled for use, and sharing with other minors is not allowed as part of proper hygiene practice strictly enforced at the San Jose Juvenile Hall.

Health Evaluation

Upon intake, each minor goes through a standard screening procedure mandated by the Santa Clara County Probation Department. This process consists of a general physical inspection to discover possession of any illegal drugs or guns that will potentially be used as evidence in the case against the minor. It also entails a medical examination to address any health concerns upon detection.

When do minors get released?

Minors who are detained at the San Jose Juvenile Hall are typically awaiting adjudication. The length of their detention will depend on several factors. Primary is the criminal offense that the minor allegedly committed. Some minors are released rather quickly after being ordered by the court to pay a fine, perform community service, and be placed on probation in the comfort of their own homes with the supervision of their parents or legal guardians along with constant visits with their Probation Officers.

Others remain in custody if they require adequate security and must be placed in a suitable environment to protect them from other children. In addition, minors are detained if they necessitate strict supervision to monitor their behavior until their Probation is completed. The Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall provides a safe haven for minors as well as the training they need to establish the concept of responsibility on their part while they are in detention.

2. How to contact a child detained at the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall

All juvenile detention facilities are required by law to provide the minors arrested for juvenile cases the opportunity to advise their parents and/or legal guardians as well as their attorneys for legal counsel. Once initial communication is established, contact with the minors detained at the San Jose Juvenile Hall will be restricted to outgoing "collect" calls with prior approval from the court or your child's Probation Officer.

Phone lines are not private

These calls are monitored for security reasons. Confidentiality in reference to phone calls is only practiced with your child's communication with his or her attorney. To be updated on your child's status and progress while in detention, you must coordinate with his or her designated Probation Officer. They will keep you posted with all court proceedings as well as all pertinent information about your child while in custody.

Reaching the Juvenile Hall staff

To contact your child's Probation Officer, you may call the Juvenile Detention Division at (408) 278-5850 daily at any time. For general inquiry about your child, please call the Juvenile Services Division at (408) 278-5900 or (408) 278-5820 during normal business hours.

NOTE: Please make sure that your phone service is not blocked to receive collect calls. This can be verified by contacting your local phone service provider.

3. Visiting procedures and schedule at the San Jose Juvenile Hall

All visitors will go through a standard security inspection that involves passing through metal detectors and identity verification as a safety measure. To conduct a visit, you must bring valid photo identification to be allowed entry to the facility. Below is a list of accepted forms of identification at the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall:

The minors held in custody at the San Jose Juvenile Hall are able to receive visitors from Monday through Friday between the hours of 5:00 pm till 9:00 pm. Weekend visitation is allowed only on Saturday from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm. There are no Sunday visits. Only parents and/or legal guardians are allowed to visit. Other family members may visit with the approval of the court or the Probation Officer. Each visit with a minor may not exceed 30 minutes in duration.

You must call the facility at (408) 278-5810 24 hours prior to schedule your visit.

Once your visit finishes, you must leave the premises. Smoking, drinking, and eating are not allowed anywhere in the facility while visiting with a minor. Food and drinks are not allowed to be brought to a minor at any time. Alcohol, drugs, and all illegal substances are prohibited, and exchange of any of these items with a minor will result in prosecution.

What you cannot bring

Visitors are not allowed to bring anything unless authorized by the court or the Probation Officer. Cell phones, pagers, handbags, purses, wallets, and other similar items are not allowed. Illegal weapons or objects that can be used to inflict injury on another person are prohibited at all times. Possession of these items while conducting your visit will result in confiscation and possible prosecution.

Dress Code for visitors

Dress code is strictly enforced and all visitors are expected to always be dressed accordingly upon arrival at the facility. Revealing clothing and/or clothing that is sexually provocative in nature, or that has writings or images that depict sex, drugs, violence, or any gang affiliation will not be allowed to be worn in the facility when visiting with a minor.

If a visitor is intoxicated

If a visitor appears to be intoxicated or is under the influence of an illegal substance, he or she will be arrested and will be prosecuted. It is illegal to be intoxicated or under the influence of any illegal substance in a juvenile detention facility. Violators will not be allowed to visit with a minor and will be arrested on the spot.

It will be at the discretion of the management of the Juvenile Detention Division whether visitation will be allowed or not to anyone in their pursuit to maintain the peace and harmony of the facility.

4. Rules and regulations on mail correspondence at the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall

Another way of making contact with a minor in custody at the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall is through mail correspondence. As a convenience, the facility provides the minors basic supplies to allow them to communicate with their family and friends as often as they would like. That being said, all mail correspondence goes through a strict inspection for security purposes.

Furthermore, privacy of mail correspondence is limited to your child's correspondence with his or her legal representative. All mail correspondence must follow all facility regulations. Failure to do so will result in non-delivery to the minors, disposal, or return to the sender. The list below indicates the general "do's and don'ts" on mail correspondence at the San Jose Juvenile Hall:

  • All mail correspondence must have a return address with the complete information of the minor's identity for accurate delivery.
  • Must be clear of any images or markings that pertain to any gang-related activities.
  • Must not exceed (5" x 7") in size and mailed in a non-padded envelope.
  • Must not contain any illegal contraband or drugs.
  • Items such as writing paper, stamped envelopes, postage stamps, and pens or pencils that are provided for them by the facility are not allowed to be sent in the mail.
  • Subscriptions, Polaroid pictures, or packages are prohibited.

As a general rule, only letters and/or greeting cards are allowed to be mailed to minors detained at San Jose CA Juvenile Hall. Upon inspection, any suspicious correspondence that contains perpetuation of any criminal activity or advocacy for escape will result in your child's placement on "mail review status" or in severe cases termination of his or her mail correspondence privilege until further notice.

Programs for Minors Detained at the Hall

The San Jose Juvenile Hall, sometimes known as the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall, provides minors necessary rehabilitation while detained at the facility. These programs are as follows:

Chemical dependency treatment, substance abuse education, health education, life skills, parenting classes, sex offender counseling, sexual abuse treatment, sports programs, gang intervention, domestic violence education, religious counseling, and vocational training

Additionally, minors are given a wide range of treatment services that include the following: Substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence, and Youth Education Advocate services that are critical in the proper developmental progress needed to ensure a well-adjusted transition back into the community after their release.

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1The other two facilities are Muriel Wright Residential Center and William F. James' Boy Ranch.

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