John Eisele, Case Manager
Shouse Law Group, L.L.C.


Nothing is scarier than being accused of a crime, so it is the mission of our case manager John Eisele to keep our clients both relaxed and empowered during the pendency of their cases. From the time you first retain us, John helps you navigate every step of the bail, court or probation process so you are continually aware of what is going on and reassured that everything is proceeding as well as possible.

“When you become a client of Shouse Law Group, the first thing we tell you is to stop worrying,” John explains. “The reason you hired us is so that you can get on with your life by leaving the worrying to us.”

By looking back on John's twenty-plus year career, it is clear customer service is his destiny. One of his first jobs was a nine-year tenure as the National Customer Care Manager for AT&T Wireless Services, where his division yielded an unprecedented consecutive four-year JD Powers Customer Satisfaction Award bestowment and a Circle of Excellence award acknowledgment.

Following AT&T, John worked five years as the Global Director of Customer Service for the e-Business Division of AIG, the 11th largest company in the world. Most recently, John served as the Sales Manager for Juhl in downtown Las Vegas, which won him 2007 Best of Nevada Real Estate Award "Best Onsite Selling Agent.”

“My life has taken me from operational sales to management in a multitude of industries including real estate, insurance, and now criminal defense. They are all vastly different areas, but the key to client satisfaction remains the same: Frequent communication and personal attention. That is my pledge to our clients.”

John received his B.S. in Business and Marketing Management from Dominican College of Blauvelt. He also holds a CSP designation from the National Association of Home Builders, and is a real estate licensee in both Nevada and California. In addition, he helped co-found the Vertical Lifestyle Coalition of Nevada and is an active member of the Las Vegas High-rise and Condo Association.

When you meet John, do not be surprised if you recognize his face. He is also acted in several films and performed in various venues throughout the country.




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