Imperial County Juvenile Hall


Located in El Centro, CA, the Imperial County Juvenile Hall (ICJH), is a co-ed youth correctional facility run by the Imperial County Probation Department. After an arrest for a California juvenile offense, minors under age 18 may be briefly detained here or committed for an evaluation period. Others will serve short sentences in this juvenile hall.

The address and phone number of the El Centro Juvenile Hall is:

324 Applestill Road
El Centro, CA 92243
(442) 265-2425

On this page, our team of California juvenile criminal defense lawyers provide detailed information about the Imperial County Juvenile Detention Center. For the benefit of families who may have a child now detained at this facility, we address the following topics below:

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1. Intake and Adjudication at ICJH

If your child or teen has been arrested and detained in Imperial County, he or will first undergo a body search, medical examination, and assessment. After questioning and discovery pertaining to gang affiliation, past juvenile record, etc., each detainee is given an initial assessment score that influences detention/release options.

By law, a judicial detention hearing should take place within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). Detainees can expect to see a Imperial County Superior Court judge, who will determine whether he or she will be released, detained pending an adjudication hearing (within 15 days) or transferred elsewhere.

In cases involving allegations of a serious felony offense, a juvenile offender can potentially become a ward of the California Department of Juvenile Justice. In extreme cases, there may be a transfer to adult court.

2. Contact With Your Loved One

New detainees at the El Centro Juvenile Hall are allowed two free phone calls, one to a parent, and one to an attorney or employer. Thereafter, they will be permitted to make outgoing (collect) calls to family members, but cannot take incoming personal calls at the facility.

You can prefund your son or daughter's outgoing calls through the website, which provides options for monthly billing, prepaid debiting or “quick connect” funding via credit card. Calls to family members are generally not limited in number or duration.

You can also send letters to your child, and he or she is free to write to you. (Mail will be scanned but not generally read.) Packages, however, are not accepted for juveniles at this facility. If you would like to send a book or special item, check with the probation officer ahead of time.

Imperial County Juvenile Hall Visiting Hours
Imperial County Juvenile Hall Visiting Hours

3. Visitation Policies

Parents and legal guardians are welcome to visit with Imperial County Juvenile Hall residents, but siblings (under 18) may not visit incarcerated juveniles. Other extended family members are allowed to visit on a pre-approved basis only. Contact your probation officer to make these requests.

Visits at the El Centro Juvenile Hall take place in the dining area. They are face to face, with limited contact (such as a hug) allowed. Visitation days are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and residents can receive up to two visits per week. Visiting hours depend upon your child or teen's security level and last name, as follows:

Last name starting with A through L Wednesday 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
  Sunday 12:30
Last name beginning with M through Z Wednesday 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.
  Sunday 2:15 to 3:15 p.m.
High-security residents Wednesday 4:50 to 5:50 p.m.
  Saturday 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.
  • Please be prepared to present valid photo identification for visits.
  • You may not bring in any personal property, food or beverages. You can bring money to use for the vending machines, but other items must be left behind or stored in provided lockers.

4. Life and Health in Detention

Residents of the Imperial County Juvenile Detention Facility have access to onsite nursing care Monday through Friday, four hours each day. Mental health counselors are also available. If serious medical care is needed, the patient will be transported for treatment at a nearby hospital.

ICJH residents receive three meals a day, as well as additional snacks, and special dietary needs are accommodated. This facility places an emphasis on proper nutrition and exercise.

Young residents are kept busy with academics and other programming geared toward rehabilitation. Drug and alcohol programs and anger management classes are offered, along with religious services four days a week.

Physical education activities and recreation opportunities are also provided at this juvenile hall. The facility uses a point based system to reward good behavior. Incentives include a visit to the weekend “honor dorm,” which is equipped with video games, treats, and television.

5. Criminal Defense Help

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The arrest of a child or teen is difficult for any parent. Our team of criminal defense attorneys have assisted many California families facing this circumstance, defending minors accused of all types of juvenile crimes. Our legal team includes former state juvenile prosecutors and police officers, so we understand the system very well. To obtain a free consultation today, please call our 24-hour line: (877) 504-7750 or contact us online.

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