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Located in Fresno, CA, the Juvenile Justice Campus (JJC), is a detention facility run by the Fresno County Probation Department. Male and female minors (typically under 18) who have been arrested for a California juvenile offense may be briefly detained in this juvenile hall, confined for a period of time pending transfer, or may serve a post-conviction sentence here.

The Fresno Juvenile Detention Facility is located about eight miles southeast of downtown Fresno off of CA-99. The address and phone number is:

Juvenile Justice Campus
3333 E. American
Fresno, CA 93725
(559) 600-3996

Our team of California juvenile criminal defense lawyers provide detailed information below pertaining to the Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus. For the benefit of families who may have a child or teen now in custody at this facility, we address key topics below:

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1. Intake and What's Next?

If your child or teen has been arrested in Fresno County, he or will first undergo a medical evaluation on the scene, conducted by a registered nurse. If immediate hospitalization is not required, there will likely be transfer to JJC. A risk assessment and additional medical exam is performed at the juvenile hall.

California law requires that a judicial juvenile detention hearing take place within 48 hours of booking (this excludes weekends and holidays). Detainees can expect to see a Fresno County Juvenile Court judge, who will make the initial determination regarding detention or release.

If detained, an adjudication hearing will take place within 15 days. Should the charges rise to the level of a felony offense, the juvenile can potentially become a ward of the California Department of Juvenile Justice. In extreme (rare) cases, transfer to adult court may occur.

2. Contact With Your Loved One

Friends and family are not permitted to call in and speak directly to a Juvenile Hall resident. New detainees are generally allowed a few initial phone calls, usually to a parent, employer, and/or attorney. Thereafter, Juvenile Justice Campus residents will earn phone privileges allowing for outgoing personal calls. At designated times, they may be allowed to make one or two collect calls of limited duration per week.

You are encouraged to send letters to your son or daughter, and he or she is free to write to you. Fresno Juvenile Facility residents receive materials to send out up to two personal letters per week. Note that packages are not accepted by mail for juveniles at this detention center.

Fresno JJC Visiting Hours
Fresno JJC Visiting Hours

3. JJC Visitation Policies

Visitation at the Fresno Juvenile Hall takes place Monday and Tuesday and Friday through Sunday. There is no visitation Wednesday and Thursday. Youth are allowed two hours of visits each week, and up to four visitors may attend one session.

Visiting hours are weekday afternoons and evenings, as well as weekend days. The schedule varies according to the detention and commitment housing pods, as shown on the online visiting schedule.

To visit the Juvenile Justice Campus, your name must be on a pre-approved list. Visitors may include parents/legal guardians, step-parents, and grandparents, as well as the spouse or child of the JJC resident. Other visitors may be approved on a case by case basis: call the facility first.

Visits take place in a visitation area, where limited contact is allowed (unless there is need for a “restricted” non-contact visit.) Specific rules for visitors at this facility include:

  • You must present valid government-issued photo identification.
  • Do not bring in any personal property, including purses and cell phones. Lockers are provided onsite for items you cannot leave in your car.
  • No food or beverages may be brought in, but items are available for purchase inside.
  • Children must be supervised at all times and may not be left unattended inside or outside the facility.
  • You are asked to dress “appropriately” for your visit.
  • Visitors under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be denied entry.

Visitors may be allowed to bring specific, limited items in for their loved one. Correspondence materials are permitted for drop-off Monday from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. and Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Other items should be pre-approved by calling (559) 600-4700.

4. Life and Health in Detention

Residents of the Fresno County Juvenile Detention Facility have access to basic onsite healthcare, and mental health counselors are available. If serious or emergency medical care is needed, the patient will be transported for treatment at a nearby hospital. Substance abuse treatment for residents is coordinated through the Floyd Farrow Substance Abuse Program and therapeutic mental health care is provided by the New Horizons Program.

Fresno Juvenile Justice Center residents receive all necessities, including food, clothing, as well as educational services through the Alice Worsley School. There is also rehabilitative programing offered, including sobriety focused groups, art and writing classes, mentoring, faith-based services, and a Planned Parenthood program targeted to males. A rewards system recognizes progress with access to an onsite Boys and Girls Club.

5. Criminal Defense Help

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If your child or teen has been taken into custody at the Fresno Juvenile Hall, our team of criminal defense attorneys are here to help. We have assisted many similarly affected California families, and we can often make a difference in a tough situation. Our lawyers, including former state juvenile prosecutors and police officers, understand the system very well. To obtain a free consultation today, please call our 24-hour line: (877) 504-7750 or contact us online.

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