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Parties accused of fraud by others can face criminal and civil charges which can lead to lawsuits, fines and even jail time.

There are several types of fraud that are handled under the United  States white collar crime laws. Essentially fraud is when a person,  company or organization deliberately misrepresents the truth so that  they can obtain some amount of gain. Parties accused of fraud by others  can face criminal and civil charges which can lead to lawsuits, fines  and even jail time. Some common types of California fraud include  consumer fraud, credit fraud, insurance fraud, healthcare fraud and  business fraud.

Whether you are facing a fraud charge or wish to explore exposing  fraud that is taking place our law firm can help. Criminal Defense  Partners consists of former prosecutors with years of fraud related  experience throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange  Counties. Our offices always offer free evaluations for any fraud  related case. We also employ several professionals and experts including  tax accountants, private investigators, medical officials, law enforcement  specialists and others who can help with your case.

California consumer fraud is on the rise, especially with the Internet.  Individuals passing themselves off as other companies or people are  bilking unsuspecting people out of millions of dollars each year.  In addition, companies and individuals that sell products are unlawfully  marketing them or illegally operating schemes that can involve automobiles,  real estate, stocks and bonds, and many others. Any time you buy something  you are protected by several important consumer safeguard laws that  can be enforced by our law firm at any time. Credit fraud is also  unfortunately common as well and involves the illegal use of people's  credit cards or credit information in some illegal manner.

Insurance and healthcare fraud are also quite common and cost the  government and consumers millions of dollars each year. Insurance  fraud usually consists of making unsubstantial claims for the purpose  of getting money from an insurance provider. These schemes include  private individuals, employees of insurance agencies and even corporations.  Healthcare fraud is similar and has involved people making false claims  regarding their health to large corporations refusing to pay healthcare  costs to their employees or others.

If you or your company has been wrongfully accused of fraud it can  cost you significantly as well. If you are facing a fraud charge you  need to have experienced and aggressive California fraud lawyers on  your side in order to ensure that you have the best defense possible.  Many times fraud occurs without managers or others in the company  realizing it before it is too late. They risk losing the company and  all of its related assets. Do not face a fraud charge with ineffectual  or inexperienced legal assistance.

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