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If you get arrested for driving drunk, our Pomona CA DUI defense attorneys are here to try to lower or throw out your charges, ensure you stay out of jail, and let you keep your driver's license. We are also prepared to take your case to trial.

In this article, our California DUI defense attorneys explain the following topics about Pomona drunk driving laws and what we may do to help:

Your Pomona DUI lawyer - John Murray, J.D.
The DUI DMV Procedure
The Pomona DUI Criminal Procedure
Jail & Courthouse Info
Pomona DUI Schools

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Your Pomona DUI lawyer - John Murray, J.D.

Pomona criminal attorney John Murray has successfully represented thousands of clients as to everything from serious violent felonies to misdemeanor drunk driving. As a Los Angeles County DUI lawyer, he has gotten many DUI cases reduced to reckless driving or dismissed.

John Murray has also developed considerable expertise in California DMV hearing law, and is consulted by other criminal lawyers throughout the state for his opinions and advice. Mr. Murray has conducted countless DMV hearings and has succeeded in saving the driving privileges of many clients.

Pomona DUI defense lawyer Robert Little used to be a prosecutor, so he has the insider knowledge necessary to help reduce or dismiss your charges. A graduate of Cornell, Mr. Little has more than ten years of experience in defending drunk driving cases, from California misdemeanor DUI to California felony DUI. He is also a member of the California DUI Lawyers Association and the National College for DUI Defense.

Pomona DUI DMV Procedure

When you get arrested for DUI in Pomona, you actually have two different cases: One case is in criminal court (explained below this section), and the other case is in the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. Unfortunately, the cops will exchange your driver's license with a temporary thirty-day permit once you are booked. Then you have only ten days after your arrest to ask the DMV for a hearing to dispute the license suspension.

It is highly recommended that you retain defense counsel immediately after your arrest to schedule and appear for you at the DMV hearing. Even if the DMV rules against you and suspends your license for a few months, we still may be able to get you a restricted driver's license right away so that you may continue working and/or going to school. However, if it is your second DUI offense, the DMV may suspend your license for a year or more.

Note that the DMV and courts may allow DUI defendants to continue driving as long as they install an ignition interlock device (IID) for a predetermined period of time. (California Senate Bill 1046)

Pomona DUI Criminal Procedure

Getting arrested for a Pomona misdemeanor DUI slaps you with two charges: DUI under Vehicle Code 23152(a), as well as Driving with Excessive Blood Alcohol Content under Vehicle Code 23152(b). If the incident resulted in an injury or death, however, it will be chargeable as a felony. Furthermore, if you have multiple misdemeanor DUI convictions in your criminal history, then your next DUI may be an automatic felony.

During the several months that DUI cases typically last, we are busy gathering evidence, keeping the prosecutors busy with motions, and negotiating with them in the hopes of dismissing or reducing your charges. And unless the case goes to trial, we can usually make almost all of the court appearances for you.

If you plead to a Pomona DUI charge, your penalties will probably consist of the following:

  • Fines: $390 to over $1,000, but we may able to convert some of it to community service.
  • Probation: Three years.
  • Driver's License Suspension: Six months (but, as we said above, we will probably be able to get you a restricted license for work and school; and you may be able to continue driving anywhere if you agree to get an ignition interlock device installed).
  • California DUI School: See local schools below.
  • Jail: two days to six months, but we can almost always get that suspended and/or convert it to community service.

Subsequent DUIs result in harsher penalties, such as jail time, fines, eighteen-to-thirty-month alcohol education programs, and required ignition interlock devices in your vehicle.

Pomona Jail & Courthouse Info

If you are arrested for DUI here, chances are you will be booked at the Pomona Jail at 490 W. Mission Blvd, just down the block from our DUI Law office at 435 W. Mission Blvd.

If it is a California misdemeanor DUI, the case will then be heard in the Pomona Courthouse North, also located close by at 350 West Mission Blvd. Their phone number is (909) 802-9944.

Four courtrooms in the Pomona Courthouse North hear DUIs proceedings, and they divide up the cases based on the spelling of your last name. Only Los Angeles County District Attorneys prosecute the cases. Finally, the courthouse has a "Health Office" there with information about DUI School and how to successfully carry out the terms of your sentence (you can reach the Health Office at (909) 620-3214).

(If you are charged with a California felony DUI, then your case may be heard in the Pomona Courthouse South, located at 400 Civic Center Plaza, Pomona, CA 91766. Their phone number is (909) 620-3023.)

Pomona DUI Schools

As we mentioned in the previous section, all California judges order DUI School for their drunk driving cases. The higher your blood alcohol content and the more DUIs you have had, the longer the program will be. However, we may be able to persuade the judge to assign you a shorter program.

One of the local DUI Schools is:

Inland Valley Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services
Programs: First offender, Eighteen-month
375 South Main Street, Ste. 111
Pomona, CA 91766
(909) 622-7311

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