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Experienced criminal defense serving the communities of Newport Beach, Fullerton, Laguna Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana, Anaheim and Westminster

We work extensively at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach, the North Justice Center in Fullerton, the West Justice Center in Westminster and the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana. By working routinely with the prosecutors and judges at each Orange County courthouse, we understand the unique dynamics of how to get the best results in each.

Bail & Release Help at the Orange County Jail

Is your loved one incarcerated at the Orange County Central Jail in Santa Ana...or at one of the County's other jails? Our Orange County criminal attorneys can advise you as to the best strategy for getting him/her released quickly. Generall,y you can post bail immediately after the inmate is booked. Or you can wait for the first court appearance, which must occur within 2 court days of the arrest.

If the inmate remains in custody until the first court date, your OC criminal lawyer can ask the judge to lower bail or to grant an OR release. The judge will consider whether the inmate is a flight risk and whether he/she poses a danger to the public. We can present evidence and argument as to why the person is a good candidate for low bail or an OR release.

Orange County Criminal Courts are Tough...But You Can Still Prevail

The OC still deserves its reputation as one of the more conservative regions of the country. Local police, prosecutors and judges tend to be especially touch on defendants, reluctant to reduce charges and dolling out harsh sentences.

Nevertheless, many defendants succeed in getting charges reduced or dismissed, or obtaining "not guilty" verdicts at trial. A top Orange County criminal defense attorney who knows the law and knows the local courts is your best resource for keeping the matter off your record and staying out of jail.

Our Newport Beach criminal defense lawyers serve all of South OC and our Santa Ana criminal & DUI attorneys serve North County and Fullerton.

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