San Miguel County Jail in Telluride, Colorado

The 37-bed San Miguel County Jail takes in detainees arrested by Colorado State Patrol and law enforcement agencies in the towns of Telluride, Norwood, Mountain Village. The jail is located in the southwestern, Rocky Mountain ski town of Telluride, CO. It houses men, women, and juvenile offenders awaiting case adjudication as well as inmates who have been sentenced for Colorado misdemeanor and felony crimes.

The address of the detention facility is:
684 CR 63L
Telluride, CO 81435

Phone: (970) 728-1911

The San Miguel Sheriff's Office and the jail are accessed off of highway 145 between mile markers 74 and 75. Turn at the sign for Ilium and South Fork Roads, and in about ¼ mile you will arrive at the tan and green building.

Below, you will find detailed information about San Miguel County jail policies affecting inmates, family and friends. This page, which is sponsored by Colorado criminal defense lawyers, covers the following important topics:

1. Find a San Miguel County Inmate

To locate inmate information online, go to the San Miguel County website here and access the current day's PDF list of inmates. The daily updated list provides each inmate's name, birthdate, criminal charge and classification, and the booking number.

san miguel county jail bail bonds
Bail Bonds are one way to post bail at San Miguel County Jail

2. Bonding Release

Assuming bond has been allowed for an inmate, he or she can attain temporary freedom from incarceration when payment is posted. It is important to understand, if you put up money or collateral to bail out an inmate, you are susceptible to losing the funds or property if a court date is missed. To learn more about this process, see: How to post bail in Colorado.

At the San Miguel County jail, there are two ways to post bond for an inmate. First, you will need to obtain the correct bond amount by calling the jail at (970) 728-1911. To pay the bond, you can:

  • Bring cash to the sheriff's office -- Photo identification will be needed and you will be required to fill out bond forms. Once the judge releases the inmate's bond, a check will be mailed to return your money.
  • Use a licensed bail bondsman to post the bond -- Bonding agencies typically require collateral to secure the bond and will charge a percentage (usually 15%) for the service. These businesses can be found in online directories or the phone book.

3. Phone Calls at the Telluride Jail

When a detainee is booked into the San Miguel County facility, he or she will be allowed one free phone call. Family and friends are not permitted to call in and speak to an inmate. Phones are available in the dayroom and accessible to inmates who are eligible for phone privileges.

All calls from the jail will be billed collect to landline phones, or inmates can purchase pre-paid minutes through their cash account. If you would like to contribute to an inmate's cash account to pay for phone calls, you can bring in or mail a certified check, cashier's check, or money order made out in the inmate's name.

Phone calls between inmates and outside individuals are subject to monitoring and will be recorded. This means it is best to avoid subjects that could lead to incriminating statements, which could affect the inmate's criminal case. Documented attorney-inmate phone calls are an exception to this rule, and are not recorded.

4. Visiting a San Miguel County Inmate

Jail visitation is Sunday only from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Prior to visiting the jail, you must ensure your name was added to the inmate's visitation list. Inmates must complete this list of five names 48 hours prior to any visitation.

The rules for visiting a Telluride inmate are:

  • You must present valid, government-issued photo ID;
  • Children under 18 must be in the company of a parent or guardian, and a social security number must be provided for each minor;
  • Visitors who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied entry;
  • If you have an active, noncontact restraining order with the inmate, you will not be permitted to visit;
  • You must dress appropriately for your visit, meaning avoid revealing clothing or clothes displaying inappropriate, violent, or gang-related messages;
  • Visitors exhibiting any type of inappropriate behavior during a visit will be immediately asked to leave.

Note that visitation may be cancelled without prior notice. All visits are subject to monitoring and recording, so incriminating statements should always be avoided.

san miguel county jail visiting hours
Jail visitation is Sunday only from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Prior to visiting the jail, you must ensure your name was added to the inmate's visitation list.

5. Inmate Spending Accounts

San Miguel County inmates may turn in a weekly order for commissary items, which are delivered on Mondays. Available products include food, hygiene items, over-the-counter medication, undergarments, writing paper and stamped envelopes. Note that desired food items may only be purchased after other necessary items are paid for.

Commissary purchases are limited to $40 a week and is only available to inmates who have a positive balance on their cash account. Friends and relatives can deposit funds for inmates by delivering cash or a certified check, cashier's check, or money order made out to the inmate to the facility. These checks can also be mailed to:

Inmate's Name

San Miguel County Jail

684 CR, 63L Road

Telluride, CO 81435

Note that inmates residing at the Telluride jail for longer than two weeks are required to purchase hygiene items. Inmates who are without funds for these purchases are provided with basic hygiene items (resulting in a repayable, negative balance on their cash account.)

Inmates cannot purchase items for another inmate.

6. Mail Protocol at the Jail

Mail can be dropped off for San Miguel County inmates or sent via the post office. The envelope should include your name and return address, and should be addressed as follows:

Inmate's Name

San Miguel County Jail

684 CR, 63L Road

Telluride, CO 81435

Note that all mail will be opened and checked prior to receipt by the inmate. Envelopes marked “Legal mail” are opened in the presence of the inmate. Any outgoing or incoming inmate mail containing items of a sexually explicit, violent, racially-biased, or threatening nature will not be distributed.

Books, magazines, and newspapers can be ordered from a publisher or bookstore to be sent directly from the business. The package should show the name of the vendor. No personal items may be included in this package.

Envelopes and stamps can be purchased by inmates through commissary. If an inmate is unable to afford these items, he or she will be provided with materials to send three outgoing letters a week.

7. Checking Into the Jail

New, incoming inmates should bring the following items to the detention facility:

  1. Photo identification;
  2. A $30 booking fee (cash only);
  3. Court documents;
  4. Cash for your commissary account and telephone use;
  5. White undergarments, if desired; (Women may not wear underwire bras or thong underpants).

Do not bring:

  1. Valuables of any kind;
  2. Books or reading material;
  3. Hygiene items;
  4. Drugs or alcohol;
  5. Smoking tobacco and related paraphernalia;
  6. A car (there is no inmate parking at the facility);

Note that bringing contraband into the jail will result in an additional felony charge.

Other important things to know:

  • Medications may be brought in after they have been approved by medical personnel at the jail. Please call the jail at (970) 728-1911 (option 2) for more information about this. If you have not obtained approval prior to arriving, you may experience a delay in obtaining medication.
  • Inmates who wear prescription lenses should have glasses brought to the jail. Contact lenses are also allowed, but lens solution must be purchased through commissary and may not always be available.
  • Do not arrive to check in under the influence of alcohol or any drug, including marijuana.

Note: New inmates are put in cell lockdown for their first 24 hours at the jail. An inmate handbook is provided as well as one piece of religious reading material.

8. Life and Health at the San Miguel County Jail

The San Miguel County Sheriff's Office has pledged to provide inmates with clean, safe, “wholesome” housing and good, sufficient food. There is also 24-hour medical care available to inmates. Inmates are held financially responsible for their healthcare, including medical visits to offsite doctors, dental care, ambulance transport, and medications or medical equipment.

The facility will cover the cost of temporary dental fillings and extractions. Over-the-counter medication is purchased through commissary. If no funds are accessible, medications will be provided with a doctor's order.

Inmates who have food allergies or require a special medical diet must provide written information, including a doctor's name, to verify the need.

Services for Telluride inmates include religious services (once a religious preference has been declared in writing) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings facilitated by volunteers.

There is access to outdoor recreation two hours per week. Movies are screened on Friday or Saturday nights for inmates who have retained this privilege. TV and music is also provided as a privilege, subject to selection by staff.

Under Colorado law, sentenced prisoners are required to work up to eight hours a day at the facility. This work is necessary to accrue good time.

9. Juvenile Diversion

For juveniles, an alternative program may be available through San Miguel Juvenile Diversion. Juveniles who have committed petty crimes may be allowed to complete this program and avoid incarceration or a criminal record. For more information on this, call (970) 728-4463.

10. Criminal Defense Help

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