Colorado Personal Injury Lawyers

Anyone who has been injured in an accident caused by another person or company in Colorado may be able to collect substantial money damages.

If you have been a victim of another's negligence, intentional wrongs, or dangerous products, call our Denver personal injury attorneys at (303) 222-0330 for a free consultation. You pay us no money unless we win your case at trial or in an out-of-court settlement.

A skilled Colorado personal injury lawyer can help accident victims win damages after:

and more -- an in many cases, we can settle for a hefty sum without having even to file a lawsuit.

What kind of money damages can the Colorado Legal Defense Group help me win?

Accident victims may be eligible to recover compensatory damages for:

If the person(s) who caused your injuries acted in a particularly egregious way, the court may even award you punitive damages under Colorado law.

Can the Colorado Legal Defense Group help me receive medical care if I am uninsured?

Yes. We will help you find medical providers who are happy to work on a "medical lien" basis. Furthermore, we also impress upon your doctors, chiropractors, and therapists the importance of documenting your injuries in great detail. Your medical records are vital evidence which stacks the deck in our favor when negotiating and litigating your case.

Why trust the Colorado Legal Defense Group?

Our team includes skilled personal injury lawyers, private investigators, and paralegals to help ensure that your matter gets all the time and care it requires. Whether we are reviewing medical records, interviewing eyewitnesses, or negotiating with insurance adjusters, we will stop at nothing in our fight to recover all the financial awards available.

Furthermore, you pay nothing unless we win your case. And we never urge you to accept a settlement if your goal is to have your day in court and take the people who hurt you to trial.

Denver car accident attorneys

Our Colorado automobile collision attorneys work with your medical providers to ensure that your injuries are accurately documented. We comb through statements by eyewitnesses and police reports in search of all evidence that strengthens your claims.

Once we craft the most persuasive case possible, we will approach the insurance adjuster. In many cases, the adjuster will play ball merely by knowing that you are serious about your claims and fighting for what is right.

The majority of car accident cases settle out of court. But if going to trial proves necessary, we may advance such evidence as:

  • Official accident reports,
  • Photographs and/or video of the collision or the aftermath,
  • Medical records, such as scans and physician notes,
  • Eyewitness testimony,
  • Medical expert testimony,
  • Testimony of your families and friends regarding how the crash hurt your quality of life,
  • Pay stubs and other documents that show that you have lost earnings from the accident,
  • Vocational or economic experts to demonstrate how the crash hurt your earning capacity, and
  • Accident reconstruction specialists and biomechanical engineers (especially in cases of "low impact" crashes)

Even if you were partially to blame for the accident, you may still be able to recover damages from the other party or parties to the crash.

Denver slip-and-fall attorneys

People who suffer falls on another person's or company's property may be able to sue for negligence under the theory of premises liability. Helpful steps to take following a slip-and-fall accident in Colorado include:

  1. Inform the property owner or manager about the fall and get a copy of the accident report (if applicable),
  2. Get the names and contact information of any eyewitnesses to the fall or flooring conditions (if any),
  3. Document the fall area through photographs and videos,
  4. Take a sample of the substance (if any) that caused you to fall (such a spilled drink),
  5. Write or voice-record everything about the accident you remember, including minor details,
  6. Get a copy of the weather report for the time of the accident, such as if it was windy or rainy,
  7. Keep aside the shoes and clothes you wore during the fall so they can be inspected later, and
  8. Seek help from medical providers, and hold on to all records and receipts

Denver dog bite attorneys

People who have suffered bites from another person's dog are advised to take the following steps in an effort to recover a settlement:

  • Photograph your injuries right after they occur,
  • Document the time you could not work due to the injuries and what wages you lost, and
  • File a report with the local Health Officer or Animal Control Officer

If you do not know who owns the dog, our Colorado personal injury attorneys can investigate the matter. We would then contact the owner in attempt to settle the case without getting the courts involved.

In many cases, the dog owner will have liability insurance that includes dog bite coverage. Then we would communicate with the adjuster in pursuit of a favorable settlement. Please see our article on Colorado dog bite laws for a more detailed discussion.

Denver medical malpractice attorneys

There are many different ways that patients can be hurt instead of helped by physicians. Examples of medical malpractice are:

  • Conducting a medical procedure without getting informed consent,
  • Failing to refer to a specialist when necessary,
  • Failing to treat complications correctly,
  • Failing to diagnose medical conditions that should have been discovered,
  • Failing to correctly treat a disease or injury,
  • Failing to give appropriate care,
  • Failing to competently manage employees or agents,
  • Improperly administering anesthesia or medicine, or
  • Causing death while performing surgery

Medical malpractice cases in Colorado usually settle out of court. Colorado class action lawsuits can be brought when there are multiple plaintiffs injured by a common cause. Should the case go to trial, it is often necessary to call medical expert witnesses to testify to how the defendant failed to deliver a competent standard of care. We represent patients injured by defective drugs and medical devices, such as hernia mesh, IVC filters and Valsartan. We are currently bringing lawsuits for injuries stemming from hernia mesh devices

Colorado wrongful death attorneys

A victim's wrongful death can be caused by several different types of situations, including car accidents and medical malpractice. The families of the victims may seek money damages from the parties responsible for causing the death. This money is meant to compensate the family for:

  • funeral expenses,
  • medical bills prior to the death,
  • loss of support,
  • loss of services, and/or
  • loss of inheritance prospects

Various factors play into calculating the recover under Colorado wrongful death laws, including:

  • the victim's age
  • the victim's earning capacity
  • the victim's life expectancy, and
  • the victim's health

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