Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center

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Lookout Mountain YSC: 2901 Ford St Golden, CO 80401

The Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center (LMYSC) is located in Golden, CO. This is a male-only detention center (also known as “juvenile hall”) that can accommodate up to 140 youth for “intensive” treatment and incarceration. The residential program is specially designed for high-risk youth who have committed a serious Colorado juvenile offense and require maximum-security detention.

Lookout Mountain is one of 10 residential juvenile detention centers run by the state of Colorado, part of an overall “reform” movement for juvenile incarceration. A November 2018 article discussed the need to address ongoing concerns with the Colorado juvenile justice system.

The address and phone number of LMYSC is:

2901 Ford St
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: (303) 273-2600

The following information is provided by our team of Colorado criminal defense lawyers for the benefit of parents or guardians with a loved one now detained in LMYSC:

1. LMYSC Intake

Youth (under 21) who are arrested and taken into custody will generally have a detention hearing before a judge within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). Those who are committed or sentenced to stay at LMYSC have generally committed serious juvenile crimes involving violence or felony drug allegations. Many male offenders are transferred into this facility from other regions of the state. In rare cases, there may be a subsequent transfer to adult court.

2. Contact Policies for Family

All detainees are allowed to make two initial phone calls, including calls to a parent or to a criminal lawyer. Throughout their residence at Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center, youth can receive phone calls from approved family members and are allowed to make local or collect calls on a scheduled basis.

Mail contact is also permitted and encouraged at this facility. Postage is provided to allow juvenile inmates to send out two letters per week. Incoming and outgoing mail is inspected but not generally read by staff. (In case of a suspected security or safety issue, this policy may change.)

lookout mountain visitation hours
All visitors must first be pre-approved and added to a visitation list for the juvenile.

3. Detention Center Visitation

Lookout Mountain Juvenile Hall encourages visitation by family members and legal guardians. All visitors must first be pre-approved and added to a visitation list for the juvenile. In this case, “family” includes extended family members as well as children. Non-family visitors may also be allowed on a case by case basis and according to earned privileges. All visits require a pre-scheduled appointment request, which can be made through the LMYSC Control Center: call (303) 273-2600.

Visiting hours at this juvenile detention center are Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and weekdays by appointment. Each youth is allowed a minimum of one hour-long visit per month, and can earn increased visitation privileges through the “Phase” system. At Phase 3 “eagle” level, up to four visits per month are permitted.

Extended visitation days are allowed on holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Kwanza. Visitors can bring in unwrapped gifts for their loved one to see and anticipate, but many of these items will not be allowed to remain at the facility. Homemade food is not accepted.

Rules for visitation include:

  • Under 18 visitors must be in the company of a parent or guardian
  • Clothing must be appropriate, which means no revealing clothes or shirts displaying signs or messages related to gangs, violence, drugs/alcohol or sexual content
  • Bags, purses, and backpacks cannot come in, but may be checked into available storage lockers
  • Visitors should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

4. Life at Lookout Mountain Juvenile Hall

This detention facility, sometimes called “The Hill,” provides for a very structured, controlled setting and intensive supervision. Services for residents include educational and vocational programming, medical, dental, and mental health/substance abuse treatment. Special dietary needs are accommodated upon request, and notice of these special needs should be received within 24 hours of intake.

Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center takes a multi-disciplinary team approach to juvenile rehabilitation, with each inmate assigned to a “client manager” and a case plan. The principles of Restorative Community Justice (RCJ) are stressed, with the goal of accountability to victims.

Inmates are educated through the local school system and can earn a GED or take college classes. They can also learn and gain experience with various types of gainful careers. Spiritual and pastoral care are also offered through Youth for Christ and Straight Ahead Colorado.

5. Criminal Defense for Juvenile Charges

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