Elbert County Jail

The Elbert County jail is a 32–bed correctional facility located in the small town of Kiowa, CO. Adults taken into custody by Kiowa, Elizabeth, or Simla police will likely be detained in this detention center, alongside those arrested in the area by state and federal law enforcement officials. In addition to detainees, the jail houses men and women serving sentences for all types of crimes, including felony and misdemeanor offenses.

The Kiowa jail is located about 23 miles east of Castle Rock off of Highway 86. The physical address is 751 Ute Ave. and the phone number is (303) 621-2027.

Detailed information about Elbert County jail policies is provided below for friends and family of detainees and inmates. Topics discussed by our experienced team of Colorado criminal defense lawyers include:

1. Searching for an Inmate

The Elbert County Sheriff's “Detentions” information, includes an online “Inmate Info” page. This page has detailed data on each individual in custody, including date and place of arrest, birthdate, and criminal charges. To obtain information about an inmate, including bail bond information, you can also call the jail directly at (303) 621-2027. The subject's full name and date of birth is required for release of information.

Note that juveniles (under age 18) who are arrested in Elbert County may be taken into the sheriff's office for questioning, but will be transported elsewhere for detention. They are taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center in Centennial, then may be detained at the Marvin W. Foote Youth Services Center.

2. Paying Bail in Elbert County

Most inmates are eligible for temporary release from jail pending resolution of their case. The court will set a bond amount that can be paid to obtain release. Note that if the suspect is a no-show at court, the friend or family member posting bail may lose the money and/or any property offered as collateral. For more general information on this subject, see: How to post bail in Colorado.

You can find out the type and amount of bond required for an Elbert County inmate's release from detention by calling the jail at (303) 621-2027. In addition to the bail amount, the sheriff's office collects a $10 bond fee, payable in cash only.

In some cases, the judge may grant a personal recognizance bond, which means the detainee can be released from jail without payment or surety. A signature is all that is required for release in these cases. For other types of bond requirements, you can pay bail for an Elbert County jail inmate the following ways:

Cash Bond – Pay the full bond amount in cash at the facility. Cash bonds are accepted at the sheriff's office 24 hours a day. The money is fully refundable after all court appearances have taken place.

Property Bond – A bond using property as collateral can be posted at the County Clerk's office during regular business hours. You can obtain more information about this at (303) 621-2131.

Surety Bond – You can use the services of a licensed bail bonding agency, which can be located through phone books or online directories. A bondsman will charge a fee to guarantee payment of the bond, and will usually require a co-signer or collateral (such as a house).

3. Communication with Inmates

Family and friends are not allowed to call in and speak directly to an Elbert County jail inmate. After an initial free phone call at the time of booking into the jail, most inmates can regularly make collect calls or may use a prepaid phone service.

Family and friends can set up an account at www.inmatecanteen.com and purchase minutes for an inmate to use for outgoing calls. You can also use this service to leave voicemail messages for an inmate. Note that the company will charge fees for these services. Credit and debit cards are accepted.

Inmates access their phone funds through a kiosk in the jail, and can potentially use this service to make calls seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The Elbert County sheriff also allows inmates to use email communication. This feature is also set up through inmatecanteen.com. Using a credit/debit card, you can purchase the email service, which allows for incoming/outgoing emails from the jail, as well as text messaging. (Inmates do not have cell phones, but can use the system to read text messages and send messages to your phone.)

Please be advised that all communications are monitored, and anything that is said pertaining to an inmate's criminal charge can be used against him or her in court. It is best to leave discussions of case details between the inmate and his/her legal counsel.

visiting hours elbert county jail
Visiting hours in Kiowa are Noon to 4:00 p.m. every Saturday.

4. Visitation at the Elbert County Jail

Visiting hours in Kiowa are Noon to 4:00 p.m. every Saturday. Inmates are allowed 30-minute non-contact visits from family and friends during this period. Attorney and other professional visits are the exception to the no-contact rule. (These visits must be scheduled ahead of time, and proper identification must be provided.)

Saturday visitors will need to present a driver's license or other official photo ID, such as military ID or a passport. Please dress conservatively for inmate visitation. Provocative, revealing or suggestive clothing may result in denied entry.

Children under 18 are allowed to visit the Elbert County jail in the company of a parent or legal guardian. However, an inmate who has been charged/convicted of a crime related to the abuse or assault of a minor (or any felony where the victim was under the age of 18) will not be allowed to see visitors under 18.

Through Inmate Canteen, video visitation from your own computer is now an additional option. You can use this service to allow for visits from out-of-area family members, and can set up three-way conversations. Charges for this service are about 35 cents a minute, payable by credit or debit card.

Computerized visits can be scheduled from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Once you have scheduled a visit, the inmate will receive notice through the kiosk in the jail multipurpose room.

Please remember: all visits at the jail or through your computer are monitored and recorded. Incriminating statements about an inmate's case or circumstances leading to arrest should always be avoided.

5. Cash Account Funding

Elbert County inmates can use money to purchase commissary items, such as special foods, clothes, and entertainment items. The opportunity is provided for inmates to order these items online weekly, and family and friends can provide funding for these luxuries. The inmate's own money brought into the jail will be placed into his or her account, and is also usable for commissary.

There are two ways to deposit money into an Elbert County inmate's account.

  1. At the sheriff's office – You can come in and provide funding via cash, money order, cashier's checks or certified funds. Any checks should be made payable to the Elbert County Sheriff's Office. Note that no personal checks or credit/debit cards are accepted at the office.
  2. Use the Inmate Canteen website to make an immediate-delivery deposit online using a credit or debit card. The site charges a deposit fee of $8.95, with a $500 maximum monthly deposit per card. More information is available at (715) 690-2965.

Note that provided funds may not be shared between two or more inmates.

6. Mail for Inmates

You can send mail to an inmate at the jail using the following address:

Elbert County Jail
Inmate's full legal name
P.O. Box 486
Kiowa, CO 80117

Mail that is not addressed to the inmate using his or her full name will be returned or destroyed.

All mail, except correspondence labeled “Legal mail,” is subject to inspection, including scanning for contraband. Do not sent any type of package to an inmate, as no objects are allowed to enter the detention center. You can, however, order books from a vendor that will ship directly to the facility, such as amazon.com.

The rules for reading material are as follows:

  • Books must be new
  • Soft cover only – no hardbacks
  • Sexual or other inappropriate content will be rejected
  • Magazines are not accepted
  • You can send Sodoku and other puzzle books
  • All books received become jail property – they remain at the detention center when the inmate is released

Inmates can send out mail if they are able to purchase envelopes, paper and stamps. Inmates who cannot afford correspondence materials will be provided with two stamps and two envelopes weekly, free of charge.

7. Health and Safety at the Elbert Jail

According to information provided by the Elbert County Sheriff's office, Sheriff Shayne Heap has a “no frills” philosophy regarding daily operation of the jail, but stresses safety and security as a top priority for inmates and staff.

Elbert County inmates are housed according to their classification, which pertains to their criminal charge, history, and behavior. Inmates considered dangerous or who have exhibited violent behavior are housed apart from the general population and closely monitored.

In most cases, inmate activities and needs, such as medical care, are facilitated within secured areas. This includes education, visitation, rehabilitative programs, and religious services involving staff or outside professionals and volunteers. The need to transport or move inmates out of secured areas is minimized, whenever possible.

A nurse is accessible to inmates 10-hours a day, and additional healthcare providers are available, as needed. The nurse handles medication prescription orders, and on a case-by-case basis, may allow family members to bring in a prescription in original packaging. If an inmate needs to reach a healthcare provider or other staff member, they can send a “kite” message through the kiosk.

8. Inmate Property

Any property brought into the jail upon booking will be confiscated and stored in a hangar until the inmate is released. If desired, an inmate can sign a release form to allow a friend or family member to come in and retrieve this property. Proper identification is required to retrieve inmate property.

9. Work Release

If a judge has given approval for an inmate to work outside of the Elbert County jail, they may be able to participate in the work release program. Participating inmates will be monitored using a GPS ankle device. There is a fee of at least $12 a day (depending upon the inmate's salary) to participate in work release.

10. Seeking Counsel from a Defense Lawyer

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