Costilla County Jail in San Luis, Colorado

The Costilla County jail is located in San Luis, CO, a very small town located 18 miles from the Colorado and New Mexico border. At 103 Gasper Street, the jail is part of the county courthouse and sheriff's office campus, which is close to the intersection of Highways 159 and 142. The phone number is (719) 672-0673.

The detention center in San Luis is a 20-bed adult correctional facility that can accommodate up to 16 male and 4 female offenders. The jail houses people who are awaiting their arraignment hearing before the judge, as well as those serving sentences for a Colorado misdemeanor or a felony crime. The maximum sentence served at the Costilla County jail is 24 months.

Provided as a service by Colorado criminal defense lawyers, the following information outlines the general policies of the Costilla County jail. Topics of interest to friends and family members of detainees include:

The public is welcome to call the jail anytime at (719) 672-0673 to inquire about an individual potentially taken into custody at the facility. You may also request bail bonding information by phone.

1. Locating an inmate

To locate an inmate online, you can use the national VINE website, which identifies people taken into police custody throughout the United States. Simply go to to search for a friend or family member by name. You will be provided with identifying information that includes the arrestee's age, date of birth, race, and location.

Juvenile offenders who are arrested in Costilla County are briefly (and separately) detained before being transported to the Youthtrack detention center in Alamosa, about 3 hours northwest of San Luis. The phone number there is (719) 589-6818.

2. Bailing Out an Inmate…

Prior to adjudication of their case in court, most arrestee's will be allowed to go free on a bail bond. This means money is put up by family or friends as a guarantee that the accused will show up in court. (See How to post bail in Colorado for general information about this process.) Be aware: if the defendant does not show up, money or property offered as collateral can be lost.

To pay bail for an inmate in Costilla County, you can come in to the jail between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. Only cash is accepted for a bail bond, and you should bring exact change. (You can call ahead to get the amount). Additional charges will include $30 for the booking and bonding fee and may also include a $30 outstanding judgment warrant (OJW) fee, if applicable.

Checks, credit cards, and money orders are not accepted for bail at the detention facility. If you do not have cash, you have the option of using a licensed bondsman, which you can find in the phone directory or online. A bonding agency will guarantee bail to the courts for a fee of about 10-15%.

3. Rules for Phone Communication at the Jail

All arrested individuals are given at least one free initial phone call. Family and friends cannot call into the San Luis jail and speak directly to a detainee or inmate, though you can request that the staff pass along an important message.

Inmates remaining in custody can make collect calls or can use a prepaid phone card for outgoing calls. Usable phone cards are available for purchase at the jail only. You can purchase $10 and $20 cards with cash or a money order made out to the inmate's name. To send a money order by mail, use this address:

(Inmate's full name)

Costilla County Sheriff's Department

P.O. Box 6
San Luis, CO 81152

Keep in mind that all phone calls going through the jail are monitored and recorded. Statements made that pertain to the alleged crime can negatively influence the outcome of the inmate's case.

4. Visiting a Costilla County Jail Inmate

costilla county jail colorado visiting hours
Visiting hours are Sundays only from 10 a.m. – 2:40 p.m.

Visiting hours at the San Luis jail are Sundays only from 10 a.m. – 2:40 p.m. The Costilla County jail does not offer any type of offsite computerized visitation.

If the jail is full, each inmate is allowed just one visit per Sunday, but if the jail population is light, inmates may be allowed two visits per week. You need to call ahead during the week to schedule your 15-minute visit. The phone number is (719) 672-0673.

General visits with family and friends take place in a visitation cubicle, where you speak with the inmate through a window screen using a handset receiver. Please remember that these visits are always monitored and recorded, and any incriminating statements regarding the inmate's case can be used against him or her in court.

In-person, face-to-face visits are not allowed, with two exceptions:

  • Inmates who have been sentenced to a Colorado Department of Corrections prison or a Community Corrections facility will be allowed an in-person visit with their family prior to leaving.
  • Legal counsel or investigative professionals can visit inmates in person on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Proper identification is always required for these visits.

Children accompanied by an adult are allowed at the jail for inmate visitation. Visitors should watch their attire, avoiding clothes that are too suggestive or revealing. Purses and bags are not allowed during visits.

5. Spending Money for Inmates

Although there is not an onsite commissary at the Costilla County jail, inmates can add requests to a weekly shopping list. Each Wednesday, an officer travels to the market to pick-up requested items, such as favored foods. Inmates must pay for these items, and can do so with a password-protected cash account.

To deposit money in this account, you can come into the jail with cash or a money order made out in the inmate's name. If you cannot come into the facility, you can send money or a money order by mail. There is no online option for depositing money at the Costilla County jail.

6. Mail and Packages for Inmates

The mailing address for the facility is:

(Inmate's full name)

Costilla County Sheriff's Department

P.O. Box 6
San Luis, CO 81152

Other than correspondence that is marked “Legal,” all mail and packages will be opened and inspected before they are given to inmates. Letters will be read, so incriminating statements should be avoided. For packages, acceptable items are limited to books and clothing only.

7. Inmate Check-In/Property/Medication

Inmates may not bring any items into the jail other than one set of white underwear (briefs, socks, and T-shirt) and prescription medication in original packaging. Any other property that is brought in will be logged in and kept in a locker until the inmate is released. Expensive items such as jewelry and electronics should be sent home with a trusted family member.

Inmates can sign a release form allowing a specific individual to come in and retrieve his or her property after check-in. With proper identification, this person can come in at any time and take the property home.

If an inmate needs to take ongoing medication, either over-the-counter or prescription, this should be provided by the family. Narcotic medications are not allowed. All medications will be administered by jail personnel, as required.

8. Work Release

Inmates who have steady employment may be approved for work release by the judge. This means they are allowed out of jail to work Monday through Friday during specific hours. The Costilla County jail will generally approve work release for cooperative inmates that have judicial approval and a pre-existing job already in place.

Inmates on work release must sign an agreement acknowledging they can and will be drug tested at their own expense. Employer timecards will be verified. In addition, inmates enjoying work release privileges must pay a fee of $15 per day.

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