Clear Creek County Jail in Georgetown, Colorado

The Clear Creek County jail is located in Georgetown, CO, a small tourist town nestled in the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Located about 45 miles west of Denver, the jail is the holding facility for people arrested in the area, charged with Colorado felony crimes and misdemeanors. Upon sentencing, those convicted of a Colorado misdemeanor may serve up to 18 months in this detention center.

The address of the jail is 405 Argentine Street. Phone: (303) 679-2376. The following information is provided to help incoming inmates, as well as family and friends of individuals detained or incarcerated in the Clear Creek County jail.

In this article, our Colorado criminal defense lawyers will address:

1. Locate a Clear Creek County Inmate

The jail does not provide an online inmate search function, but you can use the national VINE automated system to locate an arrestee in Colorado. Simply type in your friend or family member's name at to determine custody status and location. Individuals are identified by age, date of birth, and race. You can also call the sheriff's office directly to inquire about an inmate.

2. Directions to the Jail

Georgetown is accessible by I-70 at the 228 exit. Traveling westbound from Denver, turn left toward Georgetown. At the roundabout, take the first right to Argentine Street. Stay left at the fork and then turn left on 6th Street. Make an immediate right to continue on Argentine toward the sheriff's office. Turn into the first parking lot and head toward the large building in the right-hand corner with the green roof. Walk upstairs to the double doors.

After hours, including weekends, there may not be a staff member present at the office. At that time, you can contact the jail using the phone located on the wall next to the vending machines. The phone will automatically connect you, and you can speak to someone on detention duty. This applies for visitors as well as new inmates checking into the facility.

3. Bailing an Inmate Out of Jail

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The Clear Creek County jail accepts bail bond payments seven days a week, 24-hours a day, including holidays.

In most cases, an individual taken into custody can be freed as soon as bail is posted. The bail amount is set by the court according to the criminal charge and the suspect's previous record and expected flight risk.

The Clear Creek County jail accepts bail bond payments seven days a week, 24-hours a day, including holidays. Only cash and surety bonds (provided through a licensed bonding agency) are accepted at the jail. Personal checks and credit/debit cards are not an option at the jail.

If you need to purchase a bail bond, you can locate a bondsman via the Internet. Expect to pay a fee of 10-15% for a bond, and please understand that any property offered for collateral is subject to loss if the inmate does not show up for court.

For a more detailed discussion, please visit our page on how to post bail in Colorado.

4. Other Detention Fees

In addition to bail, other fees are assessed by the Clear Creek County sheriff's department. There is a $10 bonding fee as well as a $30 processing fee, which must be paid before an inmate can be released. In some cases, the court judge may also order a “cost of care” fee (sometimes known as “pay to stay”). Under Colorado law, counties are allowed to collect fees to offset the expenses of incarceration.

In Clear Creek County, inmates can be charged $25 per day for the time they are incarcerated in the jail. It is possible to arrange a payment schedule for this fee, which should be negotiated before the inmate is released. To discuss a payment plan, call (303) 679-2451.

5. Speaking to an Inmate by Phone

You should not expect to speak to an inmate by calling the Clear Creek County jail. After they are booked into the facility, detainees are allowed one initial free phone call. Subsequently, all outbound calls will be collect or the inmate may use a prepaid phone card.

You can provide funds for these cards through Securus. You can set up an account online, or by phone at (800) 844-6591. Fees for the service are assessed according to the method of payment used.

Inmate phone calls have a 15-minute maximum duration. The call will be automatically terminated after you hear a 30-second warning tone. Phone privileges may be denied if they are misused or if there are inmate behavior violations in jail.

Note that if you are receiving unwanted phone calls from the jail, you can put a stop to them by calling (303) 679-2396. Your number can be blocked by the detention staff.

6. Providing Funds for Inmate Accounts

Jail detainees and inmates can use money to purchase items from the commissary, including snacks and personal care items. (Basic meals and toiletries are provided). There are three ways to provide funds for an inmate:

  • Deliver funds in person at 405 Argentine Street. The jail accepts cash, certified checks, cashiers' checks or money orders. Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted.
  • Mail in a certified check, cashiers' check or money order. Please do not send cash through the mail. Address the envelope to the inmate's name care of P.O. Box 518, Georgetown, CO 80444.
  • Set up an online account at ACCESS Corrections or call (866) 345-1884 toll-free. This way, you can deposit funds into your inmate's account using a credit or debit card. This service is available 24 hours a day, with funds accessible to the inmate immediately.

7. Visitation at Clear Creek County Jail

You can visit inmates in the lobby of the detention center, or use to schedule visits using your own computer. In either case, you will be communicating through a video monitor; in-person, face-to-face visiting is not allowed.

Please note: all visits will be recorded and may be monitored by staff, and any incriminating statements can affect the inmate's case. Visits by legal counsel (and other professionals) are the exception to this rule. An attorney can visit the inmate in person at any time, and these visits are not subject to recording or monitoring.

Jail Lobby Visits

Lobby visiting hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m., and from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Visits are for 30 minutes, with each inmate allowed two visits per week. If desired, two permitted visits can be scheduled consecutively, for a one-hour total visit. There are visiting booths to use, which include two chairs. Larger groups are allowed in the booth on a standing-room-only basis.

Rules for visiting the Georgetown jail include:

  • Government-issued photo-ID cards are required for all adult visitors.
  • Children may visit if documentation is provided proving they are the child(ren) of the incarcerated inmate. This means a birth certificate or adoption papers must show the inmate is the parent of the visiting child.
  • You may not visit if you are currently on parole or probation, are a co-defendant of the inmate, or have been incarcerated at the Clear Creek County jail within 30 days.
  • Those who are clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to visit.
  • Visitors must wear shirts and shoes, and revealing, provocative clothing is not acceptable. Staff members will inspect your attire and a lobby visit will not be allowed if you are inappropriately dressed.
  • Any inappropriate or threatening behavior by a visitor will terminate the visit, and future visitation may be denied.

Virtual Visits with To schedule a computer-assisted visit from home or any location, you must first set up an account with These virtual visits can be scheduled seven days a week from 7:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. They are set up for 15 minutes, but two appointments can be scheduled consecutively for a 30-minute visit. Inmates are allowed a total of three visits per day. (Note: some inmates are limited to three virtual visits a week.) You can schedule appointments one hour prior to your chosen visiting time.

Devices compatible with iWebVisit include Windows® and Mac® computers and laptops, as well as tablets and Android® Smartphones. The cost is $5.00 per 15-minute visit and a monthly fee of $2.95 per visitor.

To set up an appointment, simply log into your account at, select Clear Creek County jail, locate the inmate by name, and reserve your chosen date and time. Instructions for the visit will be provided by email. For assistance, you can call (775) 434-8748.

Please remember, just as with lobby visits, home computer visits are monitored and recorded. Remarks about the case can be used against the inmate in court.

8. Sending Mail to an Inmate

You can send mail and packages to a Clear Creek County inmate at the following mailing address:

Inmate full name
P.O. Box 518
Georgetown, CO 80444

Note that any and all correspondence and packages will be opened and inspected by detention center staff before they are passed along to the inmate. Any inappropriate items found means the package will be returned to sender. Georgetown inmates are aware of the types of items that are forbidden, and it is best to check first before mailing anything. Note that there is a library in the jail, so inmates have access to plenty of reading material.

9. Inmate Check-In

Inmates reporting to jail to serve a sentence need to bring photo identification and a copy of court-ordered instructions. You may not bring cell phones, books (other than a soft-cover Bible), smoking materials, or any type of weapon into the jail.

A $30 processing fee is due from all inmates, and ideally, this fee should be paid at the time of check-in. Otherwise, no money can come into the facility, and any money in your possession will be confiscated for return when you are released. Property not allowed in the facility will also be taken and kept until the date of release.

Only white undergarments are allowed at the jail. If you are not wearing all-white underwear, you will receive a jail-issued alternative.

10. Safety at the Jail

The Clear Creek County jail has a stated mission to provide a safe, secure environment for incarcerated individuals. The Sheriff's office pledges a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual assault or sexual harassment in the jail, following the precepts of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). Any violations should be immediately reported.

11. Work Release

Although the court may grant work release, it is up to the jail to decide if the inmate can take advantage of this opportunity. Cases are decided on the basis of an application. To obtain an application pertaining to work release at the Clear Creek County jail, pick up a packet at the jail or call (303) 679-2396.

12. Legal Assistance with a Colorado Criminal Charge

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