Alan Davis, Esq.
Denver criminal defense attorney

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As a former deputy public defender in Colorado, Denver criminal defense attorney Alan Davis gained invaluable experience in all types of matters ranging from low-level petty offenses to the most serious class of felonies. Now he brings that depth and breadth of skills to Colorado Legal Defense Group, where he works tirelessly to fight for his clients' rights and freedom.

In the majority of cases, Alan can negotiate very favorable settlements with prosecutors where charges get reduced or dismissed. Alan has even convinced prosecutors to dismiss a second-degree murder case. But if necessary, Alan is always prepared to fight zealously for a "not guilty" verdict at trial. In Alan's own words:

"I am still and will always be a dedicated criminal defense attorney. My entire life, I have taken issue with someone from a position of power taking advantage of someone weaker. And what more powerful entity than the state? I took great pride in my work as a public defender, as I could do what I always have wanted to do, and that is stand up for the little guy.

Some of my best success stories having nothing to do with acquittals and dismissals, but really being able to change someone's life. I learned that being an attorney is so much more than fighting your opponent or ‘sticking it to the man,' but also about personally caring for your clients, which requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to tell your client's story.

I have represented clients from all walks of life and have experience with individuals suffering from drug addiction, mental health issues, and immigration concerns. I believe strongly in the Constitution, and no one needs a lawyer more than when someone is trying to take away his or her liberty.

I have seen and experienced every aspect of a criminal case from arguing bond at advisement hearings to week-long trials and have filed multiple appeals. I believe that preparation and presentation can make or break a case. Very rarely do things go exactly as planned, especially during trial. However, one thing attorneys can account for is how prepared they are."

Alan earned his J.D. from the University of Wyoming College of Law. Prior to that he received his Paralegal Certificate from Kaplan College and his B.A. from the University of Colorado.


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