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Charged with a crime in Golden?

Our experienced Golden criminal defense attorneys handle all types of felonies, misdemeanors and infractions -- from Colorado DUI and DWAI to bail and release at the Jefferson County Jail.

Skilled Golden DUI and criminal defense

At the Colorado Legal Defense Group, we believe the best Golden criminal defense lawyers combine passion with compassion. Contact us for a free consultation and find out why Golden defense lawyer Michael Becker is a top:

  • Golden assault and battery lawyer
  • Golden auto theft lawyer
  • Golden burglary lawyer
  • Golden domestic violence lawyer
  • Golden drug lawyer
  • Golden DUI lawyer
  • Golden gang crimes lawyer
  • Golden juvenile crimes lawyer
  • Golden parole and probation violation lawyer
  • Golden robbery lawyer
  • Golden sex crimes lawyer
  • Golden theft crimes lawyer

We can also help you with:

  • bail and release at Golden jails,
  • protecting your Colorado driver's license,
  • restoring your Colorado gun rights, and
  • many other Golden criminal law matters.

The Golden arrest process

Golden law enforcement is provided primarily by the Golden Sheriff Department.

Sometimes, an officer who arrests you will simply issue you a citation or ticket to appear in court.
Otherwise, you will be taken into custody and brought to either the Jefferson County Jail.

Jefferson County Jail is located at:
200 Jefferson County Parkway
Sheriff and Detention Facility
Golden, CO 80402

To locate someone in custody in a Golden jail, use the Jefferson County Sheriff Department inmate search.  

Golden bail procedure

Bail is based on the seriousness of the charged offense and, in some cases, your financial situation.
If you are taken into custody, there are four ways to get released:

  • Personal recognizance (a.k.a. an “O.R.” release) – no financial security is necessary. You get released based on your reputation following an interview with the court.
  • Cash bail – this mandates payment of the whole bail amount. The money will be returned after you appear for your court date.
  • Surety bond – you pay a bail agent a percentage of your bail, and the bail agent guarantees the whole amount to the court should you neglect to appear. Bail agents usually charge 15% of your bail amount (non-refundable), with a $50 minimum. For larger bail amounts ($5,000 or more) bail could be as little as 10%, but usually requires a co-signer.
  • Property bond – a lien is placed on property that you own to ensure payment of the whole bail amount should you neglect to appear.

To determine the release date of an inmate you may call 303-271-5444, or visit the Jefferson County Jail Inmate Lookup tool.

Golden criminal court

Criminal hearings take place either at the Jefferson County Criminal Court at 100 Jefferson County Pkwy, Golden, CO 80401 or Golden Municipal Court at 911 10th St, Golden, CO 80401

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