Resisting Arrest
(Colorado 18-8-103 C.R.S.)


The Colorado crime of resisting arrest

Section 18-8-103 of the Colorado Revised Statutes makes it a misdemeanor to resist arrest.

18-8-103 (1) C.R.S. provides:

A person commits resisting arrest if he knowingly prevents or attempts to prevent a peace officer, acting under color of his official authority, from effecting an arrest of the actor or another, by:

  • (a) Using or threatening to use physical force or violence against the peace officer or another; or
  • (b) Using any other means which creates a substantial risk of causing bodily injury to the peace officer or another.

A “peace officer” means a peace officer in uniform or, if out of uniform, one who has identified himself by exhibiting his credentials as such peace officer to the person whose arrest is attempted.

A peace officer acts “under color of his official authority” when, in the regular course of assigned duties, he is called upon to make, and does make, a judgment in good faith based upon surrounding facts and circumstances that an arrest should be made by him.

What if the arrest was unlawful?

It is not a defense that the arrest you were resisting was unlawful.1 If you are placed under unlawful arrest, you must cooperate with the police and object later. The only times you may legally resist arrest are when:

  • The officer is not engaged in his official capacity (for instance, if he is off-duty and working as a private security guard) and a private person would have no authority to arrest you;2
  • You are acting in self-defense or defense of another; or
  • The officer is using excessive force.3

Colorado penalties for unlawfully resisting arrest

Resisting arrest is a Colorado class 2 misdemeanor. In addition to punishment for any underlying crime, consequences of resisting arrest can include:

  • 3-12 months in jail, and/or
  • A fine of $250-$1,000.

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