Colorado crimes by C.R.S. code section

Title 18. Crimes

Article 1. Provisions Applicable to Offenses Generally

Section 12

CRS 12-36-129 - Unauthorized Medical Practice

CRS 12-36-135 - Mandatory Reporting of InjuriesCRS 16-3-201 - Citizen's ArrestsCRS 12-36-135 - Mandatory Reporting of Injuries

Part 6. Parties to Offenses -- Accountability

Article 1.3. Sentencing

Part 2. Probation

Part 4. Sentences to Imprisonment

Part 5. Misdemeanor and Petty Offense Sentencing

Part 8 - Special Proceedings - Sentencing of Habitual Criminals

Article 2. Inchoate Offenses

Part 1. Attempts

Part 2. Criminal Conspiracy

Part 3. Criminal Solicitation

Article 3. Offenses Against People

Part 1. Homicide and Related Offenses

Part 2. Assault & Menacing

Part 3. Kidnapping

Part 4. Sex Crimes

Part 5. Human Trafficking and Slavery

Part 6. Stalking

Article 4. Offenses Against Property

Part 1. Arson

Part 2. Burglary

Part 3. Robbery

Part 4. Theft

Part 5. Trespass, Tampering, and Criminal Mischief

Article 5. Offenses Involving Fraud

Part 1. Forgery, Simulation, Impersonation, and Related Offenses (UCC-related offenses)

Part 2. Fraud in Obtaining Property or Services 

Part 3. Fraudulent and Deceptive Sales and Business
Part 4. Bribery and Rigging of Contests 
Part 5. Offenses Relating to the Uniform Commercial Code 

Part 7. Financial Transaction Device Crime Act 

Part 8. Equity Skimming and Related Offenses

Part 9. Identity Theft and Related Offenses

Article 5.5. Computer Crime

Article 6. Offenses Involving Family Relations

Part 2. Bigamy

Part 3. Incest

Part 4. Wrongs to Children

Part 6. Harboring a Minor

Part 7. Contributing to Delinquency

Part 8. Domestic Violence

Article 7. Offenses Relating to Morals

Part 1. Obscenity

Part 2. Prostitution

Part 3. Public Indecency

 Part 4. Child Prostitution 

Part 5. Sexually Explicit Materials Harmful to Children

Part 6. Visual Representations Containing Actual Violence

Part 7. Sexual Conduct in a Correctional Institution

Part 8. Criminal Invasion of Privacy

Article 8. Offenses—Governmental Operations

Part 1. Obstruction of Public Justice

Part 2. Escape and Offenses Relating to Custody

Part 3. Bribery and Corrupt Influences

Part 4. Abuse of Public Office

Part 5. Perjury and Related Offenses

Part 6. Offenses Relating to Judicial and Other Proceedings

Part 7. Victims and Witnesses Protection

Part 8. Offenses Relating to Use of Force by Peace Officers

Article 9. Offenses Against Public Peace, Order, and Decency

Part 1. Public Peace and Order

Part 2. Cruelty to Animals

Part 3. Offenses involving Communications

Article 12. Offenses Relating to Firearms and Weapons

Article 13. Miscellaneous Offenses

Article 16. Criminal Proceedings

Article 17. Colorado Organized Crime Control Act

Article 18. Drugs Crimes -- Uniform Controlled Substances Act of 1992

Article 20. Offenses related to Limited Gaming

Article 23. Gang Recruitment Act

Title 19. Children's Code

Title 12. Professions and Occupations.

Article 28. Fireworks.

Title 33. Parks and Wildlife.

Article 6. Law Enforcement and Penalties—Wildlife

Title 42. Vehicles and Traffic

Article 2. Drivers' Licenses

Part 1. Drivers' Licenses

Part 2. Habitual Offenders

Part 3. Unlawful Acts 

Part 4. Commercial Drivers' Licenses

Article 4. Regulation of Vehicles and Traffic

Article 5. Automobile Theft

Colorado Jails

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