Statute of Limitations for PAGA Claims

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The statute of limitations for PAGA claims is 1 year. The Private Attorney General Act lets California workers file lawsuits against their employer for violating labor laws. To do so, the workers have to follow pre-filing requirements. This all has to be done before the statute of limitations has expired.

If the statute of limitations runs out, the PAGA claim will be dismissed.

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A PAGA claim is a lawsuit for labor violations. It can be brought by aggrieved workers in California.

What is a PAGA claim?

A PAGA claim is a lawsuit for labor violations. It can be brought by aggrieved workers in California. It is filed against employers for violating state labor laws. Workers filing a PAGA claim pursue penalties as if they were a state agency.

The Private Attorney General Act is a California law. It lets workers file a lawsuit on behalf of the Attorney General.1 It was enacted in 2004 to better enforce California's labor laws.2

These lawsuits are qui tam claims. They do not pursue compensation for losses sustained by the aggrieved worker. Instead, the claims pursue the civil penalties that the employer would have to pay for the labor violation.

Employees who have suffered from a labor violation can bring a PAGA claim against their employer. They can file the claim, even if they have signed away their right to sue in their employment contract.

To file a PAGA claim, aggrieved employees have to satisfy notification requirements. These requirements have to be satisfied within 1 year of the alleged labor violation.

What are these notification requirements?

To start a PAGA claim, aggrieved employees have to file a PAGA notice.

A PAGA notice is a complaint with the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency. It has to be filed online with the Agency. It has to be sent to the employer through certified mail.

The notice has to include:

  • a summary of what happened,
  • the provisions of California's labor laws that were violated, and
  • a list of aggrieved employees.3

Neither the factual outline of what happened nor the list of aggrieved employees has to be complete.4 However, the PAGA notice has to be more than a list of violations with no factual support.5

The PAGA notice that gets sent to the employer by certified mail puts them on notice of the claim.

The PAGA notice sent to the Agency gives them the opportunity to intervene. The Agency can investigate the claim. It has 65 days to decide. If they decide not to intervene, the aggrieved employee can file their own lawsuit. That lawsuit would move forward as a representative claim. This is similar to a class action.

At this point, the aggrieved employee has 60 days to amend his or her claims.6 He or she can add other labor violations.7

How long do I have to file a PAGA lawsuit?

Aggrieved employees have 1 year to file their PAGA notice. This is the statute of limitations for PAGA claims. The year begins on the day of the last labor violation mentioned in the claim.8

This 1 year does not include the 65 days for the Agency to consider an intervention. It also does not include the 60 days that aggrieved workers have to amend the complaint.

The PAGA notice is effective on the day it is filed online.9

Example: Carlos is fired in violation of California labor law on July 1, 2019. He has until June 30, 2020 to file the PAGA notice online. If he files it on the last day, the Labor and Workforce Development Agency would have until September 3, 2020 to decide whether to intervene. If they do not decide until September 3, Carlos can pursue the case as a representative claim. He has until November 2 to amend his lawsuit.

What happens if the statute of limitations has already passed?

If you do not file the PAGA notice within 1 year, the lawsuit will easily be dismissed.

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