Patients harmed by medicine or medical devices may have legal recourse in Nevada.

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Recent advances in medicine have been nothing short of miraculous, but along the way, tens of thousands of Nevadans have suffered adverse effects from the latest "wonder drug" or "life-saving device." Fortunately, Nevada personal injury attorneys are taking the drug companies to task in large-scale "multi-district litigation" lawsuits that will hopefully result in gigantic settlements for the innocent patients harmed by Big Pharma's defective products and deceptive advertising:

Many otherwise healthy men have been deceived by ads that their normal aging processes is a symptom of "Low T" that requires testosterone supplements. But many men who have taken Androgel have experienced strokes or heart attacks. Learn more about testosterone lawsuits in Nevada.

Women with breast cancer already know they are likely to lose their hair while on chemotherapy. But many who took Taxotere were not informed that they may lose their hair permanently. Learn more about Taxotere lawsuits in Nevada.


People with type 2 diabetes are already at a higher risk of kidney failure and leg amputations. But patients prescribed Invokana were not informed that it may actually increase their risk of renal problems and lower limb loss in some people. Learn more about Invokana lawsuits in Nevada.

Blood clot patients who took Xarelto believed they were making a healthy choice, but some found that it resulted in uncontrolled bleeding. Learn more about Xarelto lawsuits in Nevada.

People struggling with depression took Abilify in the hopes it would alleviate their symptoms. But for many, it caused them to eat, drink, shop, or gamble like an addict. Learn more about Abilify lawsuits in Nevada.

Talcum powder had long been advertised as an essential part of a women's beauty and health routine. But many female talc users developed ovarian cancer, which is among the most deadly diseases. Learn more about talc lawsuits in Nevada.


IVC filters are supposed to prevent clots from traveling to vital organs. But many people implanted with IVC filters had their organs perforated and permanently damaged by defective filters. Learn more about IVC filter lawsuits in Nevada.

And hernia mesh is supposed to prevent recurrence for hernia surgery patients. But many patients have had their bowels perforated by defective mesh. Learn more about hernia mesh lawsuits in Nevada.

People in Nevada who have been harmed by a medical device or drug are invited to call our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys for a FREE consultation. 702-DEFENSE | (702) 333-3673.

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