How to file a car insurance claim after an accident in Nevada

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It is highly recommended that you contact a Las Vegas personal injury attorney before calling your insurance company to file a Nevada car accident claim. Depending on the case, the personal injury attorney can file a claim for you or else advise you what to say -- and what not to say -- to the insurance claims adjuster.

Even though you pay your insurance company hundreds -- if not thousands -- of dollars a year for coverage, you are not their priority. Your insurer only cares about paying out as little money as possible, whether it is to you or another driver. And they are quick to raise your premiums so they can make some of that money back.

When to file a claim after a Nevada car accident

Unless you were in a solo car accident and you plan to pay for the repairs yourself, you should always file a claim following a car accident. If you fail to file a claim and the other drivers involved in the crash do, it could hurt your ability to receive coverage.

You -- or ideally your attorney -- should call as soon as possible following the accident. Do not say anything that suggests you were at fault for the accident.

Another reason that it is a good idea for an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney to call on your behalf is that you may not be in your right mind after the collision. Understandably, being in a crash is traumatic, and you may feel extremely stressed and emotional. You never want to talk with an insurance adjuster unless you have a cool head.

The process of filing a claim simply requires calling the insurer's claim phone number. It is on your insurance card information (which you should keep in your glove compartment), or else the phone number is easily searchable online. Common claims phone numbers are below:

 Auto Insurance Carrier

 Claims phone number





American Family Insurance






Erie Insurance






Liberty Mutual




NJM Insurance Group










What else to do following a car accident in Nevada

Also remember that you must take the following measures after a car accident:

  • exchange contact information and insurance information with the other drivers involved in the collision;
  • move out of traffic (unless it is unsafe to do so);
  • render aid if necessary to anyone who has been injured; and
  • call the police if anyone has been injured or killed

If possible, you should also document everything that happened. Take photographs of the damages and your injuries and the surroundings, and write down everything you remember. This includes the weather, the state of the roads, and what the other drivers said. All these details may help your claim.

Finally, you must file a Nevada DMV Report of Traffic Accident Report (SR-1) within 10 days of the crash if:

  • someone was injured or died, or
  • there was $750 or more in damage to any vehicle or property

But you do not need to make this DMV report if the police (or Nevada Highway Patrol) already made the report, and the report included your insurance and contact information. 

Learn more about Nevada car accident lawsuits.

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