Las Vegas Justice Court Bail Schedule and Procedures
(Explained by Nevada criminal defense lawyers)

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How much does it cost to bail someone out in Las Vegas?

The amount it costs to bail someone out of jail in Nevada depends on what court they have been charged in.

In Las Vegas, most crimes will be initially be charged in Las Vegas Justice Court, located at:

Regional Justice Center
200 Lewis Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101

The Criminal Division of Las Vegas Justice Court handles:

  • Misdemeanor cases from arraignment through trial, and
  • Arraignment and preliminary hearings for gross misdemeanor and felony cases (prior to such cases being bound over to Nevada District Court).

To learn how to post bail for Las Vegas Justice Court, please see our article, "How Do I Bail Out an Inmate in Las Vegas, Nevada?"

Las Vegas Justice Court Bail Schedule

Effective May 26, 2015, standard bail amounts for Las Vegas Justice Court are as follows:


Category A

There is no standard bail for a Nevada Category A felony. Bail, if granted, will be set in court at a Nevada bail hearing.

Category B

Bail for a Nevada Category B felony depends on the charges and the maximum term of imprisonment.

Bail (if granted) must be set in court if the charge is:

  • An attempted Category A felony, or
  • DUI resulting in substantial bodily injury or death.

$20,000 is the bail for a Category B felony if:

  • The maximum term of imprisonment is greater than 10 years (other than an attempted Cat A felony or DUI with serious injury or death), or
  • A third or subsequent DUI.

$15,000 is the bail for a Category B felony if the crime involves:

  • Domestic violence with substantial bodily harm (but no use of a dangerous weapon), or
  • Violation of a protection order.

$10,000 is the bail for a Category B felony if there is a maximum term of imprisonment 10 years.

$5,000 is the bail for a Category B felony if the maximum term of imprisonment is less than 10 years.

Category C 

Nevada Category C felonies normally carry a bail of $5,000.

However, a Nevada Category C felony carries bail in the amount of $15,000 if the crime alleged is battery domestic violence and:

  • The charges include strangulation, or
  • It is a third or subsequent charge for a battery of domestic violence, or
  • The battery domestic violence resulted in substantial bodily harm.

Category D and E

Nevada Category D felonies and Nevada Category E felonies both carry a bail of $3,000.

Gross misdemeanors

Bail for a Nevada gross misdemeanor is normally $2,000. However, if the gross misdemeanor involves violation of a protective order, bail will be $15,000.


The usual bail for a Nevada misdemeanor crime is $1,000.

However, bail for misdemeanor battery domestic violence is $3,000 for a first offense, or $5,000 for a second offense.

Bail for a Nevada misdemeanor DUI is $2,000 for a first offense, or $5,000 for a second DUI: $2,000.

Enhanced bail under certain circumstances

Bail is double for crimes committed under certain circumstances, if not an element of the crime itself. The circumstances for which you will be subject to double the standard bail rate are:

  • NRS 193.161 (school property),
  • NRS 193.162 (assistance of child),
  • NRS 193.163 (handgun containing metal penetrating),
  • NRS 193.165 (use of deadly weapon),
  • NRS 193.166 (felony in violation of a protection order),
  • NRS 193.167 (60 or older/vulnerable person),
  • NRS 193.1675 (certain characteristics),
  • NRS 193.168 (gang),
  • NRS 193.1685 (terrorism), and
  • NRS 453.3335, 453.3345, 453.3351 or 453.3353 (certain controlled substance violations).

For more information, please see the Clark County Bar Association's standard bail schedule for Justice Court, Las Vegas Township or the Las Vegas Justice Court's Criminal Division at (702) 671-3201.

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