How to get an EB-3 "Employment-Based Visa: 3rd Preference" in California

Foreigners with full-time job offers in California may be able to immigrate to the U.S. on an EB-3 (employment-based, preference 3) visa if they qualify as either:

  1. skilled workers,
  2. professionals, or
  3. other workers, such as unskilled workers.

In California, common occupations for immigrants with EB-3 visas are teachers, graphic designers, and housekeepers.

EB-3 visas cost $345 and take about six (6) months to get. EB-3 visa holders get automatic legal permanent residence (green card) and may eventually be able to naturalize.

In this article, our California immigration lawyers discuss EB-3 immigrant visas in California, including application procedures, fees, and time frames. Click on a question to jump to the question:

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Foreign skilled workers, professionals, and some unskilled workers may be able to immigrate to the U.S. on an EB-3 visa.

1. Who qualifies for EB-3 visas in Los Angeles, California?

Eligible non-citizens for EB-3 visas may be either of the following:

  1. Skilled Workers: Foreigners whose job mandates at least two (2) years of training or work experience;
  2. Professionals: Foreigners whose job mandates a U.S. baccalaureate degree (or an international equivalent); or
  3. Other Workers: Foreigners who perform unskilled labor that mandates less than two (2) years or vocational training or work experience.

Note that EB-3 visas are not meant for temporary or seasonal workers, only for foreigners with full-time job offers in the U.S.

2. What is the application process for an EB-3 visa in Los Angeles, California?

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The U.S. employer has to file an I-140 Form with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The U.S. employer usually also has to secure labor certification ("PERM") from the Department of Labor (DOL).

Finally, the U.S. employer has to show the USCIS that they have the funds to pay the foreign worker. As proof, the employer typically produces tax returns.

3. What is the cost of an EB-3 visa?

There is a $345 fee to get an EB-3 visa.

4. How soon can I get an EB-3 visa?

It takes twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months to get an EB-3 visa.

5. Can my family come with me to California on an EB-3 visa?

Possibly. The only family members that can immigrate to the U.S. through an EB-3 visa are the foreign worker's spouse and unmarried child(ren) under 21.

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