Understanding the Difference between Robbery, Burglary, and Theft

Posted by Neil Shouse | Jun 17, 2010 | 0 Comments

These three California offenses are very closely related…and commonly confused. This is because each one shares “elements” with the other. Let me explain.

Penal Code 211 PC California's robbery law punishes the act of taking someone else's property from that person's “immediate presence” when accomplished by force or fear. Penal Code 211 PC California's robbery law is the most serious of these three crimes.

If you don't use force or fear to accomplish the taking…or if the property isn't in the person's “immediate presence”, then you simply have a theft. Grand theft if the property's value exceeds $400, petty theft if the value is $400 or below.

And, despite common misconception, a burglary under California law doesn't necessarily involve stealing. A burglary takes place when you enter a building and already have the intent to commit a felony or to steal.

This means that if you go into a house…and intend to steal once inside…you have committed burglary and theft. If during that time, someone comes home and you threaten to harm him if he stops you from taking more property, you have committed robbery, burglary, and theft.

But if you enter a store, simply intending to shop…and only form the intent to steal once inside…you don't commit a burglary. And whether you use force or fear to accomplish the taking will determine whether or not you are only guilty of theft or also of robbery. (Also read our article, "Three California Crimes Often Charged During Emergencies.")

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