"Submittals" in Nevada Law
Explained by Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers

Even though a misdemeanor conviction isn't that serious it can still wreak havoc on your life.  Employers may decide not to hire you because of it, and it's a social stigma as well.

Luckily Nevada prosecutors may be willing to dismiss your misdemeanor charge . . . but they usually won't do it right away.  They want you to pay a fine or take a class first, which is where "submittals" come in to play.

Our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys have gotten hundreds of misdemeanors dismissed through submittals.  Keep reading to learn how they operate and how we can help your case.

What are submittals in
Las Vegas, NV?

Submittals are a legal tactic allowing you to plea bargain a misdemeanor down to a dismissal.  The best part is you never have to plead guilty.  Instead, you merely "submit" to the charge and agree to do a class and/or pay a fine.  Once you're done the court will dismiss the charge.

Can anyone plea bargain to submittals in
Las Vegas, NV?

No.  Prosecutors typically don't allow submittals if you've been convicted of a crime before.  And you can't submit to a felony crime . . . you can submit only to certain misdemeanors in Nevada.

What are some examples of submittals in
Las Vegas, NV?

Submittals are frequently utilized in cases involving the Nevada crime of trespass, the Nevada crime of prostitution, and the Nevada crime of petty larceny:

The Nevada crime of trespass:

A typical plea bargain includes the following terms:

  • submit to trespass
  • pay a $150 fine
  • don't get arrested or cited during the pendency of the case

Upon completion of these terms the case would be dismissed.

The Nevada crime of prostitution:

A standard plea bargain comprises these terms:

  • submit to prostitution
  • pay a $250 fine
  • AIDS awareness counseling
  • don't pick up any new charges during the pendency of the case

Once that's done the case would be dismissed.

The Nevada crime of petty larceny:

The usual plea bargain involves these terms:

  • submit to petty larceny
  • pay a fine plus restitution
  • Petty larceny school
  • stay out of trouble while the case is open

After everything is done the judge would drop the charges.

When can I seal my record if I do a submittal in
Las Vegas, NV?

You can petition to seal your Las Vegas criminal record as soon as the judge dismisses your case.  Learn the process at our informational article on how to seal your Las Vegas criminal record.

What if I don't fulfill the terms of my submittal plea bargain in Las Vegas, NV?

The judge will then find you guilty of the misdemeanor offense you submitted to.  The downside to this is that you'll then have to wait two years to seal your criminal record.

Do I need to be present in court to enter into a submittal in Las Vegas, NV?

Usually no.  In most cases your attorney can appear in court on your behalf so you never have to show up.

Accused of a misdemeanor?  Call us now . . .

As you can see, submittals are an easy way to keep your record clean of misdemeanors in Nevada.  And you never have to admit guilt or go through a trial.

Our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys can meet with you for free to discuss submittals.  Call us at 702-DEFENSE (702-333-3673) today.

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