Criminal Defense for Nevada Immigrants

For being in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas, Nevada, boasts an impressive multinational population of not only tourists but also residents. Clark County's wealth of hotel-, casino- and construction-related jobs attracts hard-working people from all over the world who hope to live the American dream and make a better life for their families. And just like American citizens do, immigrants and non-citizens occasionally have run-ins with the law.

Immigration procedures can seem very confusing, and being charged with a crime can be very traumatizing, so our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers have created this website to explain in a simple way how the law works.

As you are probably well aware, non-citizens have it a lot harder than citizens in America. Citizens who have a criminal record get to stay on U.S. soil, but if you are a non-citizen who gets convicted of certain types of crimes, you may also be dragged into immigration court:

Once you are in immigration court, the Department of Homeland Security may try to convince the judge that your criminal record is proof that you are not fit to be here. If the judge agrees, he may order your Green Card taken away, disqualify you for American citizenship, and even deport you from the U.S.!

Therefore, if you are a non-citizen who has been charged with a crime in Nevada, it is very important you hire a criminal defense attorney to manage your case and minimize your immigration consequences. Las Vegas immigration criminal defense attorney Michael Becker warns, "If you are considering pleading to a crime, you cannot just think about fines or jail time. You need a good lawyer to make sure that the plea will not later get you thrown out of America."


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1Go to the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services website to read more about immigration procedures in the U.S.



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