Nevada "Homicide" Laws
Explained by Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

There are many different homicide crimes in Las Vegas including murder, manslaughter, and deaths caused by car accidents.  Although penalties can be very serious, there are also several defenses your attorney may use to try to get the charges lowered or even dropped completely.

Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer Michael Becker has two decades of experience in fighting homicide charges.  Michael Becker has even achieved full dismissals in multiple first-degree murder cases.  Scroll down for an overview of all of Nevada's homicide laws as well as links to our in-depth informational articles on each one.

Murder & Manslaughter in Las Vegas, NV

Nevada crime of murder

Even though murder carries the harshest punishments in Nevada, various defenses exist that may result in the charges being reduced or dismissed altogether.  Learn more at our article on the Nevada crime of murder.

Nevada crime of felony murder

A suspect may be charged with first-degree murder if someone gets killed while the suspect was committing another crime such as robbery, burglary or kidnapping.  Read more about this rule at our page on the Nevada crime of felony murder.

Nevada crime of attempted murder

A person is not liable for attempted murder unless that person intended to kill and he took a direct step towards accomplishing the killing.  For more refer to our article on the Nevada crime of attempted murder.

Nevada crime of voluntary manslaughter

Voluntary manslaughter is a less serious crime than murder because it allegedly happens "in the heat of the moment" without any premeditation or deliberation.  Learn more by reading our article on the Nevada crime of voluntary manslaughter.

Nevada crime of involuntary manslaughter

Several defenses exist to involuntary manslaughter including self-defense and insanity.  Read more at our page on the Nevada crime of involuntary manslaughter.

Nevada crime of killing unborn, quick child

Intentionally harming a pregnant woman to cause the fetus to die is feticide.  Read more at our page on the Nevada crime of feticide.

Nevada death penalty law

Capital punishment is sanctioned only in certain first-degree murder cases, and there are several appeals procedures available to fight it.  For more information go to our article on Nevada death penalty law.

Vehicular deaths in Las Vegas, NV

Nevada crime of vehicular manslaughter

Negligent driving that results in a fatality is only a misdemeanor in Las Vegas, possibly carrying no jail at all.  Read more at our page on the Nevada crime of vehicular manslaughter.

Nevada crime of reckless driving causing death

Extremely careless driving that causes a death is prosecuted as a felony in Las Vegas.  However, it may be possible for your attorney to negotiate the charge down to the misdemeanor of "vehicular manslaughter."  Refer to our article on the Nevada crime of reckless driving causing death.

Nevada crime of DUI causing death

A drunk driving accident that results in someone's death is prosecuted as a felony in Las Vegas.  However there are several defenses that could raise a reasonable doubt that the fatality was really caused by the DUI.  Learn more at our article on the Nevada crime of DUI causing death.

Nevada crime of vehicular homicide

Vehicular homicide is the most serious DUI-related homicide law in Las Vegas.  it is reserved only for people who allegedly had three past DUI convictions and then killed someone through a drunk driving accident.  Read more at our article on the Nevada crime of vehicular homicide.

Homicide defenses in Las Vegas, NV

Nevada self-defense law

In Las Vegas it is legal to kill someone if you reasonably believed you were in immediate danger of being severely injured by that person.  Get more information at our article on Nevada self-defense law.

Nevada insanity law

Being delusional during the commission of a homicide may relieve you of criminal liability in Las Vegas.  Read the rule at our page on the insanity defense in Nevada.

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