The Legal Definition of "Felony" in Nevada
Explained by Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers

Felonies are the most serious kinds of crime you can be convicted of in Las Vegas and typically mandate a one-year minimum prison sentence.  And even if you avoid incarceration by probation or a plea, having a felony on your criminal record can thwart all your future employment prospects.

In this section of our website our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers explain (1) the legal definition of "felony" crimes in Nevada and (2) how they may sometimes be reduced to a lesser charge or even dismissed so your record stays clean.

Types of Felonies

Nevada has five different categories of felonies ranging from "A" (the most serious) to "E" (the least serious). No matter which felony you are charged with, you are entitled to a trial by jury if you so wish.

Click on the links below to learn about each type of Nevada felony, their standard penalties, and the waiting-period before the criminal record may be sealed.

Note that attempting to commit a category C, D or E felony is a "wobbler" crime that can be punished as either a felony or a gross misdemeanor. Learn more about "wobblers" in Nevada. Learn more about Nevada felonies and misdemeanors.


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For information about California felony law, go to our page on California felony law.


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