Nevada "Category D" Felony Laws (NRS 193.130)
Explained by Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Common category D felonies

Category D crimes in Nevada are the second most minor class of felonies above "E". Some examples are:

Category D felony penalties

Category D felonies in Clark County carry the following sentencing scheme:

  • one to four years in prison, and
  • maybe a fine of up to $5,000

When Nevada judges order a sentence range for a Nevada felony conviction, the minimum time is not allowed to exceed 40% of the maximum time. For example, if a judge imposes three years in prison, the minimum time must be no more than 14.4 months (which is 40% of three years).

Other category D felony facts

Defendants facing charges for category D felonies in Nevada may request a jury trial. So long as the felony did not have to do with a sex offense or a crime against a minor, the court can seal the criminal record in Clark County once twelve years pass from the time the sentence ended.

Non-citizens convicted of certain category D felonies may be removed from American soil if the crimes qualify as either crimes involving moral turpitude or other deportable offenses. Learn more about immigration law at our informational page on Nevada criminal defense of immigrants law.

Finally, note that attempting to commit a category D felony is prosecuted as a "wobbler" crime that can be treated as either a felony or a gross misdemeanor. Learn more about Nevada wobbler offenses.


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